3-Player Split Screen?

Could anyone so kindly show me a picture of 3 player split screen gameplay, hope that 1st player gets half of the screen. Getting the game on Friday when its released for Ireland (Not called the UK from our side of the water)

anyone…my, these forums are more sparsely populated than the moon

Come on people all i need is a 3 player split screen image :hocho:

I played around with that 2 days ago.

The top half is player 1.

The bottom half of the screen is split between player 2 and 3.

any images to confirm

Come on get me some pictures

I can’t take any screenshots until tomorrow morning when I play it again.

I am appalled by the lack of activity, mind you, i only joined to see an image of 3 player split screen ( Which i have not received)

3 player split screen image, hurry up!

Please show a bit of patience. This community is always eagar to help out individuals, if an when they can. Demanding an image so hastily wont make it come any faster.

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Okay now kitty jo, please calm down, i think that we need to keep a little humanity and show some empathy, so i await your apology for language intended to hurt an individual.

3 player split screen image, now now now

Image or link…anybody…helppppp

You can split it vertical or horizontal. See both screenshots there.

9 posts in barely a day? Wowsers. Can’t use google images?

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Your screenshot is much nicer/cleaner. I couldn’t find it in google image search. Good job. I know what you mean re: the insistence. Still, it’s a good question to ask and useful to more people than only him, so I did it anyhow. Typically people on here are nicer about such requests. My guess is the mods blocked him.

I didn’t know you could orient the screen vertically 3 player, so your post is good to have too. Which actually helps, because I was thinking about trying to do 3 player with my wife and oldest daughter playing, and we sit kind of spread out from the tv. I’d feel bad having half the screen to myself, though.