3 Projectile Recursions for trade

I play everyone but Moze and am looking for anointed lyudas, crossroads, Rowan’s calls(not shock), or a 100% damage on ase woodblocker. If you want one of these let me know what you have to offer.
The first is shock and corrosive the second is shock and corrosive the third is cryo and fire.

I have those if your interested

I have a 100ase woodblocker if the second recursion is still available

Or the first one, I don’t have an Amara yet but maybe I’ll start one with that

I have a few Lyudas…

I’m interested in the Storming Lyuda with bonus shock…

Sorry the shock doesn’t interest me and I have a similar crossroads.
Someone else wants the lyuda though.

Just curious, so ya still have your Recursion x 2 with ASE +50% shock damage? Been on the hunt for one for a good while, just caint get one to drop

Holy ■■■■ covered balls Batman this is old.
Yes I do though, my PS4 is megadethwm I’ll send it your way in about 5 hours because I’m at work atm.
You wouldn’t happen to have a band of sitorak with cryo or corrosive on ase, rad Rowan’s call with cryo on ase or it’s piss with any element but cryo on ase?

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