3 Questions about abilities and game system

Some one told be the the loot is shared among the team members , what about the pick ups and the shards ?
If they are not shared , a player could be greedy and take most of them for himself :frowning:

Does Shields up ISIC ultimate helix keeps redeploying energy aegis every 6 seconds for ever or just once ?
How does drain in abilities and skills work ? Will it just decrease enemies HP\Shield or it steals them for you ( heals you ) ?

The pick ups like overshield, speed boost etc are not shared. Shards are not really shared as your team mates will get a small amount of what you pick up I think its something like 10% your team mates get. (So share the shards with your team mates). Bonus credits are shared with the team as are score and bonus score of course.

No exp with ISICโ€™s helix. Canโ€™t help you with that.

And can you explain drain a bit better? I am not sure what you mean. Do you have an example?

I faced many greedy players that want every thing for their selves :confounded:
As for a drain example , stick n snap ( 4th helix of whiskey foxtrot ).

The drain is only damage.