3 questions on moze

  1. have they fixed the 20 percent chance for grenade to spawn when iron bear takes damage? 2) what does the 75% incendiary damage while iron bear is active apply to, the weapon with moze outside of bear, or does it add 75% incendiary damage to iron bears weapons? 3) do inscription on coms and relics apply to iron bears weapons?
  1. Not sure

  2. It applies on Moze gun

  3. I think only the splash bonuses but not sure

  1. Nope, it’s better than it used to be. However its still broken.

  2. Unfortunately it only applies to Moze’s gun and a few special cases that count as gun damage. Like Hunter Seeker bullets.

  3. Generally no. The only stat that helps Iron Bear (That doesn’t say so directly) is splash and area of effect. Iron Bear doesn’t benefit from elemental or critical hit boosts.

Thank you. All these iron bear buffs and they can’t/didn’t fix the grenade anointment?!? Thats such a really cool perk. I hope they fix it!

What does that mean? You have a chance that it will fire the grenade again even if you don’t sawp it out, but it is inconsistent?

This most likely is not something that can be fixed by a hotfix. They said more changes and/or fixes are coming in the next patch.


Yeah exactly, it doesn’t break everytime but it still breaks consistently enough you’re better off swapping it out before every round of IB.

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