.3 second delay on LNT

Well. It looks like GBX did listen to people’s concerns so i applaud them for that. I still think that there are other options aside from a cooldown timer that could have addressed this better. But I am very happy to see that they saw the community’s concern and are at least trying to address it. We will see how it works in practice but .3 seconds is a lot more reasonable than the previous fix. Hopefully it makes LNT usable without being broken


This is from the patch notes for the 10/10 hotfix BTW

I mean. Any cool down is going to hurt that skill. It will be interesting to see how much it actually procs.


Agreed. But .3 is a lot more reasonable that 2 seconds. Most guns need a reload in about 2 seconds. At .3 hopefully it at least has a chance to proc.

I’m just glad to see them try to address our concerns. It may not be perfect but this is a lot better than them going at it with a “it is what it is. If you don’t like the change then tough” attitude.


I was very critical and vocal about my unhappiness about this change. So I will give credit where due. This fix might still not be perfect and may even require an additional change.

But at least they are acknowledging that their initial fix was no good and are trying to at least put the skill in a decent place

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The biggest issue was it was proccing with every projectile of a shotgun. So each little pellet was making it go. They could have kept a zero cool down on it and just made it about the multiplier. But it IS nice to see them listen to the community. There are lots of other issues I hope they begine listening to about too now.


That was my suggestion in a lot of the complaint threads. And that’s why I said I still think there were better ways to address the issue they had with the skill

I still don’t know that this solves GBXs main issue with it. But at least this change will make the skill better than completely useless

Shotguns were the primary problem weapon type and yet are some of the slower firing weapons in the game, which just means an internal cooldown affects them less than ARs, SMGs, Pistols, and probably a lot of Snipers too. It’s not a great fix for what it’s intending to solve.

On the other hand 0.3 cooldown isn’t bad. It should take a fire rate of 15.00 before you see returns of less than 20% effective magazine increase, assuming consistent crits. 3 points should be worth it for the majority of weapons.

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I agree. It still not perfect. But at least the skill is better than completely useless now

I think LnT might be worth using again, not as good as it was, but .3 seconds isn’t that bad. If you don’t spam the trigger you can probably have infinity hellwalker spam again


we Will have to see how it works in practice. But on paper it’s a least a step 8n the right direction

The nerf to flak was “NOT INTENDED”. Hahahahaha. Thank you Paul sure

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The notes said the value applied was not the intended value. A subtle difference in wording, yet significant.


I think this way to nerf the skill is way easier for them then to only let it proc for 1 pellet so they went with this route. In the end it works kind of the same now unless your pellets dont hit at the same time or your weapon has a realy fast fire rate.

Seems like a much better compromise. It’ll be interesting to see how it performs and if LNT will be worth it again.

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At least it’s worth considering again. It may not make every single build, but it will no longer go completely unused like with the previous nerf

Yes it will be interesting to see how this works in practice. Sounds decent but if you test it out let us know how it works.

I’m definitely going to try it out later tonight. Not like respecting costs anything significant

I dont think it’s worth 3 points considering im mostly using multi-pellet weapons, but I will definately put 1 point in it for most builds.

You can very easily use shotguns again with that short of a delay. 1/3 of a second is really not much more then it what it would take to spam the hellwalker. You’ll notice it on returns for automatic fire though. But .3seconds is hardly a delay. Go on your phone get your stopwatch out and tap until you get a .3 second rhythm. Its actually really fast

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