3 steps backwards IMHO

Man, so they buff Iron bear and now it’s useless. Also I feel like there are less top tier weapons/builds than ever before on max difficulty. They cut down on the visuals from rocket launcher badasses just to reem you with lasers and floor being lava and balls of death and connecting lasers and my goodness my eyes are bleeding just trying to target things!! WHY? Like most of the time you can work around it but SOMETIMES it is just soooo mind blowingly cluttered you can’t possibly recognize friend from foe. Playing co-op amplifies this by orders of magnitude. My question is, “Do they even, EVER play their own game?”


now the rockets aren’t that much of a problem, now it’s the shaking it does. and instead of rockets now it’s the ones shooting elemental orbs.

the art team realy went overboard in this game :frowning: at times i start feeling dizzy just because my screen is shaking like crazy and there’s just so much crap exploding that, indeed makes it VERRY hard to see what is going on.

yesterday i played troy for the first time outside of rushing him to finish the main quest… never again! wow! my eyes still hurt from that sh*tshow of orbs and explosions (same for anointed)

A setting where you can tone down graphics or special effects is a win-win. Less visual clutter and faster performance for those people who prefer less clutter over too much eye candy. I would think it would be easier on older consoles as well.

Using Zane’s Deterrence Barrier was a nightmare before. Now at times the game is unplayable. Just started a fresh reinstall after my 2nd freeze/crash on Maliwan. I suspect certain modifiers are to blame, and reading other posts, seems like I’m not the only one.

Certain ideas like some mayhem modifiers are really good, but many things should be fixed and I’m sure they’re working on it
In my opinion:

1 all skills that do damage without weapons (iron bear, flak pet… Etc etc) should be scaled with mayhem.

2 mayhem level should be related to enemies damage, not only and in an hyper boosted way related to life and armor.

3 all the loot should be scaled with mayhem and with myhem level aside the weapon’s name.

These 3 things could really improve the game IMHO

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I said it elsewhere, but honestly instead of all these weird microadjustments they should bite the bullet and figure out how to make action skill, grenade, and pet/iron bear damage just straight up scale the way players and weapons do. Once they figure that out, they ideally won’t have to keep making more and more adjustments each time player power skyrockets. Best solution I can think of is either just having player/gear stats directly carry over to those, or god forbid, make equipment slots specifically for iron bear/pets.

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visual pollution is something gearbox games have had since bl2… i dont know why they keep going deeper into it. i dont know how you can even look at zane’s deterrence field barrier and say “this is alright”


To add insult to injury my game has been crashing pretty frequently on Xbox as well. Really starting to be a PITA to play a game and I just don’t need that.

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Action skill scaleing would be broken on fl4k in the way that fade away would get too stron and useless on Amara cause scaling doesn’t apply to phasegrasp or projection

I wish nades would scale this feature is really missing.
Shields don’t needs scaling in my opinion at least it wouldn’t be smart to do that balance wise.
It will take some time until we get action skill scaling maybe a month or two but really think about all that work and effort just to add something just few skills would provide from.

I think gearbox has higher things in priority list right now.
Also its wierd that chests doesnt scale to mayhem and vendors ofc as well as quest rewards moxxie donations and so on.
I think chests and vendors is definitly something they will fix fast the same goes for the granades.