3 things GB could do to soften today's announcements

Dear Gearbox,

Today was a blow to my confidence…gotta tell you…and this from a die hard…who LOVES this game!

I suggest 3 things to steady the community.

  1. Announce an IMMEDIATE extension of the Red Chest Farming Event until two weeks BEYOND the level cap drop.

  2. Upon completion of the Valentines event…after doing all the activities…award ONE skill point (which leavens the ridiculous 3 skill points in the new cap by allowing the hit of a second capstone). If Valentines is no good…offer an “event” where this could take place…and SOON!

  3. Make your Pax announcement REALLY special… I mean knock it out of the park special. Road maps…announce new raids…events and takedowns, a few teasers on new gear. I mean make it BIG…BOLD…and ENTICING as hell. Do NOT hold back on anything. The time for holding your cards close to your chest is over as of today…that boat has sailed.

Today was a bad day…If this was a “love letter” I sure don’t ever want to get normal mail from you…


Lol, was that intentional?


Most of it is great, but the cap increase was a kick in the nuts.
I can’t believe I spent almost two weeks trying to get a decent anointed One Pump Chump :frowning:

Oh My Gosh!

No…I need to fix…Now!

Been thinking all day how this announcement was right out of a Destiny/Bungie playbook

Freudian slip


Lol this made me laugh far harder than it should have

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On the day Bungie breaks destiny for the second time in 2 updates, needing to roll back characters for the second time LOL.

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I could go on and on about D2…and what drove me from it

Problem is…I am starting to see disturbing similarities from my all-time favorite game.

Freudian slip for sure…LOL

Kind of a Bad Day overall for Loot Shooter companies…methinks

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Borderlands is literally the best Looter Shooter/Looter franchise ever. They’ve given us content to rival games as a service games for free. We get constant updates, bug fixes, balance tweaks and free post launch add-ons.

Just because everything isn’t what you want doesn’t mean you should hang on to the things you don’t like.

And yes, please expect bugs when the update hits because they are making some major sweeping changes.

I think you meant Bang on the things I don’t like but…

NOPE…I actually SHOULD bang on things I don’t like…

Else they don’t hear my opinion…and think everything is just hunky dory and we all sit around the campfire and sing kumbaya

if I am not doing it in a polite way…and offering suggestions to improve things I don’t like. then that’s different.

But I too love the game…and agree with a lot of what you are saying. But I also think today was not a good day and will needlessly upset a large portion of the player base.

Today also had waaaay too many similarities to the kind of nonsense Bungie regularly does in D2.

Scared me to action…

And I think I AM being polite and I AM offering suggestions for improvement. Please tell me if I am not.


In Gearbox’s case, bug fixes aren’t a thing to be praised. They’re a thing any paying customer should expect. We’re not talking about minor issues, BL3 is still in a state many other companies wouldn’t consider finished to this day.
Progress blockers, constant crashing, loss of bank inventory, horrible stuttering in split screen. IF you buy a product that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, generally a business is required to repair or replace that product. Somehow software devs don’t have that problem as much as a company that makes cars or electric razors. But even worse, they get people that come in and act like they’re nice and helpful for making the thing they sold you work like they said it would.


What exactly do you mean by this statement? Are you saying just because something doesn’t suit your taste, you are NOT allowed to complain and to make feedback?

Or are you saying if you don’t like it, we don’t care. Just leave the game.

Or do you mean something else?