3 things that need to improve in PVP

  1. No communication with team while picking characters. In any moba type game having a well rounded team and picking characters strategically is key.
  2. You have no idea what hero’s the other team is picking.
  3. No ranked PvP play.

Overall the game is seriously lacking in the communication department. I’ve played far to many games where only me and one other person have voice chat. Hopefully people catch on and the match making gets a little more competitive. I guess I expect LOL style match making and communication but that may be over the top. I hope this game catches on. It’s been super fun the few times I’ve stumbled upon a good team with good communication.

This isn’t a problem. If you could see their selections then you’d either have a stand-off where noone picks until the last second or teams made up of counters then a metagame would form and the over-competitiveness seen in other MOBAs would dtive casuals away and burn this game. Not knowing is fun, it keeps the game fresh, just play who you enjoy not who’s the best counter for whoever your opponents pick.

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True. I think the main problem is the extreme lack of communication. I just played a incursion PvP game and not one of the other 4 players used voice chat. It may just be a console related problem because at least in games like LOL it’s easy to chat. I couldn’t get any of the players to help wipe mercenary camps with me the entire game let alone organize a push to destroy the objectives. It’s leading me to believe heavily team based games like this are best left for PC.

You’ll get that in any game. I can’t count the number of games I had in HitS, LoL, and Smite where nobody said anything and just picked whoever. Sadly, I’m talking about ranked mode.
Plus, this game hasn’t hit competitive yet. Which I think is a good thing, I’m already getting raging messages for using op characters and stomping people. (Ambra and Caldy are op, apparently. Yes, post Ambra nerf.) If you can’t guess, I’m not a big competitive fan. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’d like more communication, but eh. It is what it is, and I win more than I lose with the dinguses I find randomly. If I like em enough, or get stuck on their team frequently enough, I’ll add em and we communicate then. :slight_smile: