3 types of TEDIORE-Siren Builds.(Showcase and nasty explain)


She really really does not need a Moxxi’s at all. Even this LynchWood feels so boring.

Add a little explanation by uploading the video of where I tested with Lynchwood.

Equipped with the largest Antagonist and 5/5 Mirror, you don’t have to worry about bullets. In this place, all you have to do is watch out for shots from undetected rockets. And ThoughtsLock is very helpful for survival.

1.Basically, when you throw TEDIORE guns, the reload speed and the payload guarantee the DPS. This Build was her best. And like her others, it seems quite successful. However, as always when armed with TEDIORE guns, there is the advantage of investing Skill Points on shooting in other things.

2.And considering the long-term battle, I liked the Stockfile Relic, which raises the ammunition reserves of three types of guns held by TEDIORE. Other Relic would be good to use a larger DPS in a short period of time. BoA, Allegiance Relic.

3.And I recommend Babymaker and Spiker And crucially, Shotgun Supreme with a TORGUE Barrel.It is the best of its kind.

4.Finally, I will talk about determining the type of dumping weapons according to the targets. BM is a gun that can be thrown away whenever it can solve the problem of suicide. This is especially the best for an enemy with a large HP. And the spiker/Dart is a little better when you want a relatively accurate throw. The downside of this is that it has a relatively narrow range of explosions. In contrast, Shotgun has a slightly more inaccurate but wide range of explosions, which is good when dealing multiple blows to a gathered enemy at once.

I’ve omitted too basic information. If you’re interested, I hope you have a pleasant chuck.:slightly_smiling_face:


Cleric COM with MOTION and HARMONY trees.
True neutral cleric is better where there are Many Badasses, but Neutral Good Cleric is better where there are not. As the reload speed increased by 35 percent, it was able to turn the points of investment into Inertia into something else.

Because this COM gives Boost to the Suspension and Life Tap, you can make a good play if you continue the Kill during that time extended by the Thoughts Lock and the Suspension.
Depending on the battlefield, it would not be necessary to increase the speed of movement by using a combination of RR and Fleet. This is because there is less need to move quickly if Kill Skill can be maintained because Life Tap will make all of TEDIORE’s guns Moxxi’s.
If you become aware of and familiar with such strengths, you will be able to turn the battlefield into a doghouse of chaos and jump into it and execute a massacre, just like the last part of this showcase.

C. The most durable Siren with a highest DPS level. (The extreme of MOTION and HARMONY builds.)

The most durable Siren is reasonable with TEDIORE.

Q1. Is this the hardest Siren?

Yes. Her HP of more than 3.1 million of this build is the largest number that can not be made by any combination of other equipment, and her own recovery that Elated, Sustenance and Life Tap’s Skill Bonus can’t reach with other COMs.

The combination of these skills restores 13.6% of maximum HP per second with only two skills, Elated and Sustenance, under best/worst conditions. That’s about 430,000 HP. If you leave a 5/5 Sweet Release, it could easily reach a figure of over a million.

Q2. Why does this toughest Siren become reasonable by working with TEDIORE?

What makes Siren the most viable is the combination of Thoughts Lock and Skills, which maximizes self-healing. This way, she must give up things that raise her gun damage.
However, this Matriarch COM increases the damage of the TEDIORE reload by 48% with bigger Mag size.
Only this method allows maximum durability and the highest level of DPS.

Q3. Is there anything to criticize about this build?

1.Of course there’s criticism. First of all, she doesn’t need this build if she’s got a gun from Moxxi like GN. In fact, it is true that Moxxi’s guns depreciate the value of all the characters’ self-healing skills. That way, we can get more useful skills.
However, there is no drop in DPS from swapping weapons for self-healing.If Life Tap is activated, it is because the guns at TRDIORE, which exerts great DPS, all act like Moxxi’s.

2.Because of the Life Tap, the efficiency of the build that maximizes this viability can be criticized.

In fact, the higher the level, the higher the efficiency of her Life Tap rises dramatically. When her level reaches OP8, the 1/5 Life Tap alone can be a great self-healing when attacks like the Cloud Kill or TEDIORE reload are hit.That is, things other than the single point of investment in Life Tap can be judged to be wasteful.

However, the fatal problem of survival occurs when fighting does not go as planned. You don’t always hit the enemy so hard when Life Tap is activated.There will often be situations when your chucks fail or there will be no enemies within the powerful Cloud Kill radius.In that case, the over investment of Skill Points serves as a guarantee of your survival.

This build may need some training. But isn’t the weapon of TEDIORE’s Moxxi, too attractive?


lol, i am just thinking of doing a tediore siren run.


Is it a coincidence? Anyway, I didn’t expect this powerful mobbing build to be possible.


it is just still in my head, first i am thinking of using a neutral good cleric com, but foresight in legendary siren works plus the added skills of that com.

maybe a magic slaughter run so it will not feel boring??


That’s where I plan to try tomorrow. Maybe I should pay more attention to defense than the battleground where bullets fly.


What’s the idea behind this build?
Why are the Tediore guns so important?


idea is that maya can chuck too.


They are not important. It is just one of her builds. I did not find anyone’s history on TEDIORE’s, so I did.


So if the guns aren’t relevent to the effectivness of the build, why name the build after then?


The guns of TEDIORE were not more important than the guns of other manufacturers, meaning that the TEDIORE build was not more important than the other builds.
And I wonder if you have the same basic understanding as me.
If you don’t, I hope you will find out the nature of TEDIORE and then understand that it needs a different build than using guns from other manufacturers.


This build exploits the Tediore reload mechanic (which basically turns the gun into a thrown grenade). Tediore builds are more common with Axton and Krieg. It is a very different way of playing the game - tossing guns as grenades instead of shooting them. I had not considered doing this with Maya but, on reflection, it’s not a crazy idea at all. And as kbk has shown, it can be extremely effective.


@kbk160008 Tediore reloads are my favorite manufacturer gimmick, and I love that you’re using them with everyone. :heart_eyes: I think that the damage is basically overkill for mobbing, but I love to watch random mobs disintegrate so I do it anyway.:smirk: I actually lean on common/white rarity Tediore weapons for Flynt and second winds when I start a new character now. As far as Tediore shotguns go, I like them as shotguns but only chuck their etech shotties. The Deliverance is good for pesky flying irritants, but because chuck damage is based on a single pellet and not the complete calculated damage of all pellets (as per @DeputyChuck, I’ve not tested it myself) traditional Tediore shotguns aren’t as efficient as grenades as the pistols and smgs are.

@B33F-SUPR3M3 I think that the point is more that the build doesn’t necessarily need to be customed for the gear. (@kbk160008, please correct me if I’m wrong.) You would normally spec for increased mag size and reload speed anyway (at least I do). Boosting grenade damage, explosive damage, and mag size are the things that make this a more common tactic with Axton and Krieg (they both do 2 of 3 things I listed.). But as far as mechanics go, the only toon/build it doesn’t really work for is Anarchy Gaige because premature reloads cause a catastrophic dps loss in the form of disappearing Anarchy stacks and Smaller Lighter Faster decreases mag size in exchange for increased reload speed. Other than that example Tediore reloads represent incredible potential burst dps for every toon.


Impressive. Most impressive…

Once again I’m stumped by Tediore reloads. One day I’ll have to give it a real shot and make it work.


@paulothead In fact, the special skill set for TEDIORE is less specific than those for other manufacturers. This is because the mag capacity and reload speed, two important factors of the chuck, are generally important when using other weapons also.

So, what makes Chuck build special?

It reveals its merits by not the way you consume skill points for something, but by not spending them for others. What sets the TEDIORE build apart and benefits you is that the skills involved in the shooting itself is no longer important. By getting your hands on TEDIOREs, you’re completing a richer Skill composition.

Until now, the characters I tried to do that were Sal and Maya. In Sal’s case, nearly unlimited points could be invested in two trees, one located in the middle and the other on the right.(Of course, there was a definite rise in DPS when Overkill was reached) Maya’s case was able to invest unlimitedly in the tree on the left. If you give up Ruin she could make such an investment in the trees of MOTION and HARMONY.

Ensuring that you have plenty of skill points is the strength and speciality of TEDIORE build.:slightly_smiling_face:

And when it comes to shotgun, I’ve been advised by @DeputyChuck about TEDIORE shotgun and I’ve been looking for posts about it myself. But to be honest, my English is not good enough to understand it yet.(A similar thing to this was with me in the past, and that was the advice of the Beast COM that DeputyChuck gave me. I didn’t understand him at all because I couldn’t distinguish between the English name of Skill and “Altered” Beast’s, proper and common nouns.)

So I just decided to test my own TRDIORE shotguns. All kinds of barrel’s No Red text shotguns and E-Tech and O-men were test subjects. They all showed the same reloadspeed of 1.6 as the best, and the strongest of them was the Shotgun Supreme. It has produced quite satisfactory results, as can be found in my videos. In particular, it has been more consistent than BM in solving a number of enemies at one spot.

In conclusion, I would like to say this to players who consider TEDIORE as their main focus. Secure the Stockfile Relic to increase the ammunition reserve of those three types of guns. Otherwise your battle will end too soon with your defeat. And disperse the rapid consume of ammunition, the aforementioned weakness, by using all three types of firearms.


In the future, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications when you don’t understand. :slightly_smiling_face: English isn’t my first language either, so I understand how you feel.

About shotguns chuck damage.

Chuck damage = ammo left x damage
Example : SMG:
Damage = 1000
Shots left= 36 shots
Chuck damage = 36000

Shotgun chuck damage:
Example :
Damage = 1000x14
Shots left = 4
Chuck damage = 4000 (the 14 disappears)


O.K. Thanks.:grinning:

You made me understand with good examples.
And it feels so unfair chuck with shotguns. Thanks again.


Interesting idea, but it kind of falls into the same trap that pretty much every Tediore build does: the idea that pretty much all you can or want to do is chuck the weapon. There were a couple of points in the Lynchwood video where a few shots would have finished off the enemy, but you instead threw the weapon. To me, the hallmark of a good Tediore player is understanding that the weapon is both a grenade AND a gun, and using it as both. After all, if you only need 1 bullet to kill an enemy, throwing the weapon is a waste of 25-30 rounds.

Now, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that this build was designed specifically to chuck only, and I have nothing against that. I just wouldn’t consider it a Tediore build as much as I would a Chucking build, and i consider those to be 2 different things.


That’s right. I did some unnecessary chucks on the showcase. It would’ve been a cleaner execution if I just pulled the trigger one or two more times.


I just did a test run(because I fall into FFYL) with True Neutal Cleric, and it is more fit to MS BadassRound. It gives heavier punch.
I think I should try there with RR and HARMONY tree.:wink:


It’s not so much that there were a few unnecessary chucks, as much as it was that it seemed like you only fired the weapon to get a few bullets out of the mag so you could chuck the weapon. I get that’s probably what this is designed to do, and I want to be clear that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I’d just like to see a Tediore build where people use all aspects of the weapon, rather than just throwing it and ignoring the fact that it’s also a gun. Maybe I’m just being stupid about it.