3 very short questions from newish person

A site called orcz.com I believe has a list of up to date shift codes, the max number you can get is 255- more than that and you run the risk of getting a glitch that will delete them all. Don’t worry about farming gear until you reach the end of TVHM- and only then if you plan to continue into UVHM. In normal most areas are locked to a certain level; in TVHM all loot will unlock at level 50 for quest items and random drops will be within a range of 1 to 2 levels lower or higher than 50. In UVHM enemy drops will be 1 to 2 levels lower or over your own at all times (until you reach OP8- nothing drops higher than that) while quest items are locked to the level you accept the quest at (this is also true of TVHM but not normal). Most bosses respawn after the mission you get them is turned in as completed so if they didn’t drop their unique or legendary gear when you first encounter them you can always go back later.

[quote=“iankaplow, post:1, topic:1243792”]Does DoT from elemental weapons apply cumulatively or do status effects re-set after each hit? That is, if I hit an enemy with a bullet and cause, for instance, 30 fire damage per second, and hit him again 0.2 seconds later with another bullet and then one more again (with each successfully igniting) will the enemy be taking 90 fire per second, or only 30?[/quote]Status effects can stack. That said, there is one instance where I think I see them reset and am looking for peer confirmation, and that is Electrical Burn from Gaige. If Electrical Burn triggers, and triggers again before the first set of damage is complete, the first set is “canceled” when the new set starts.

[quote=“iankaplow, post:1, topic:1243792”](Status effects last 8 seconds, right?)[/quote]It depends. From the wiki, which seems to be accurate about this…

  • Incendiary damage gives 15 tics over five seconds
  • Shock damage gives 6 tics over two seconds
  • Corrosive damage gives 24 tics over eight seconds

Do check that article for elemental damage against different health types; that will be important to know as you progress through the story.

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The wiki is correct (for once…) Corrosive DoT lasts 8 seconds, so does slag. Fire lasts 5 and Shock 2. All DoT will “tick” 3 times per second. The damage in the card is over one second (so it takes 3 ticks to get that)

They do stack.

Farming really is just for end game, don’t bother until you get there.

As mentioned, golden keys can be gotten from shift codes. Orks is a good place but there is also a thread in this forum for them. I had about 100 of them at one point, so don’t worry if you lost one :wink:

I think you can farm for better gear whenever you feel like it.

Unless all you care about is min/maxing and finding a gun with perfect parts, it’s more fun to actually play the game with better gear you farm along the way to 72 or OPx or wherever you feel like getting in the end.

I think farming (repeatedly killing the same enemy until he drops something specific) is a waste of time as whatever you find will be overleveled quickly anyway. Until you reach UVHM, level of enemies are fixed, so you are more likely to find something useful if you press on than if you hang back and Farm.

Farming is not fun anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that is unless you actually enjoy farming.


will answer #3 first with this link, it has new key codes almost every week, SHIFT codes: Post BL 2 Shift codes here (updated 03/18/2018)
go to the last post for the newest codes

for farming #2, I will make a few farming runs at certain points through the main quest, such as a the Loot Midget room in the Wildlife preserve, though once you come into more Golden Keys, you can farm for “At Level” purple Gear from the chest in Sanctuary

Sorry, must answer this, to me it sounds like your saying nothing will ever drop at your level in UVHM until you hit OP 8. Sorry not correct, I have had gear drop at the level of the toon I’m taking through UVHM (incudes Legendary Drops). So while I will agree with your statement in general, I believe it should be phrased as “Most Times”, not “All Times”
Note, for above statement, I’m using the basis of taking 23 toons through UVHM, and a countless number of farming runs at different levels

What he meant is that gear that drops in UVHM can be anywhere from 2 below to 2 above. Once you hit level cap, it can be anywhere from 2 below to max level.

As I said I agree with what he says generally, but still reading over it again, it still sounds the way that I interpreted it. I can agree that gear will fall at your level or 1 to 2 below or above untill OP 8.
I did say Sorry, but that is just the way my brain read it and didn’t want anyone thinking that they would not have a chance at “At Level” gear till hitting OP 8 .

No- what I’m saying is that in UVHM enemy drops will be 1 to 2 levels lower or higher than your own (until you hit OP8, in which case they can be at your level or 1 to 2 levels lower)- the fact that they can BE at your level should be inferred. Sorry I didn’t mention that specifically…:sunglasses:

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They can be +2 above your level at op8 to. Max level is 82 for op8 except. Iron gods lol

I knew what you were saying, but my mind would not let it go, Have a good Day.

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I don’t mind farming for weapons that become obsolete in a few levels since I can always pass them down along to another toon when I reach that level again.

Like others have said, this type of farming is mostly for UVHM when enemies scale with you.

For purposes of NVHM and TVHM, there are a few ways of keeping your gear current. The one I’ve found most useful (I’m fairly new as well) is tipping Moxxi for the Good Touch. That’s a very easy way to make sure you always have a quality fire weapon on hand. The only thing to think about there is when to start, since she’ll give you the Bad Touch (corrosive version) first and you can only get that once per playthrough. Even then, over multiple characters you can store a decent library of Bad Touches at different levels to cover your corrosive SMG needs too. No point putting Good Touches in shared storage since it’s so easy for the next character to get their own. Likewise, you may as well keep save-reloading until you get one with good parts (Maliwan grip, any sight you can work with) every time you upgrade. You generally spend less on tips than you get selling it, so you don’t even lose money in the process.

If you can afford to gain a level’s worth of xp, the Mercenary Day headhunter DLC gives an outstanding selection of loot at the end (if you see references to “the loot train” in other threads, this is what they mean). Since the loot covers all item categories, this can be particularly helpful if you’re unhappy with your relic or COM.

Golden keys - in addition to the thread here, I’ve found the one on the Steam forums useful.

Keep an eye on vending machines at any location that’s near your level. That’s also a decent source of COMs, and can sometimes help with shields or weapons.

Hey nice tips to help people out. There’s just 2 things wrong.

  1. The bad touch is once per character not play though. I wish it was once per play though tho.
  2. To get a bad touch is like what 15000 (haven’t got one in a while don’t quite remember) you won’t be selling it for a profit until its like level 55ish

A level 44 Good Touch sells for $18586; level 46 is $22712. Granted it’s all RNG but you’d have to be pretty unlucky not to make a profit tipping for those. And if you do occasionally take a loss, no big deal, it’s a good gun and totally worth it, IMO.

Re: the Bad Touch, the wiki says it’s once per playthrough. I don’t have any characters in position to test that yet - can anyone confirm? Now I’m worried… I guess it’s not that big a deal, from what I understand the way to go for UVHM corrosive guns is the Hornet anyway. But if it is truly a once per character gun, independent of playthrough, that would be an argument to save it for TVHM.

I like your new picture, very appropriate! :grin:

What I mean is that the gear can’t drop over OP8 once you reach OP8- not the enemies. And as far as the Bad Touch discussion goes yes- it is once per character thru any play thru, so if you get it in normal you won’t get it with that same character in either TVHM or UVHM. The easiest way around that is to invite a friend to join your game with a new character (or use a mule on a second account) and have them tip Moxxie (and it can be the hundred dollar tips- you really don’t need to do the thousand dollar ones) until she offers the Bad Touch…

Ah my bad man like I say its been awhile since I’ve got a good touch. And to get more bad touches just do what carlton_slayer said. Also yeah I figured I needed to have pie for my picture and pumpkin is the best kind lol.

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Fixed. Hopefully it’s clearer now.

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The Bad Touch can cost anywhere from $100 to all the money you have, it’s completely RNG based. Best to spam the “Tip 100” buttton instead of the 1000 button… I once spent only 300 to get a Good Touch for my Maya. I’m so excited… just got Krieg to 72, can’t wait to make him OP8 to buy a Bad Touch for Maya… she bought hers at level 20, something I’ve regretted ever since.

You sure about that? I though it was “tip Moxxi 10 x $100” to get it once per character. The Good Touch is definitely random though, with what appears to be about 1 in 10 odds (regardless of amount tipped.) For either weapon, just make sure you let any dialogue from Moxxi complete before you tip again. (You can ignore that from the dudes over at the knife board.)

I have never been able to get a Bad Touch on any character more than once - and I tip Moxxi regularly! - so the wiki is wrong on this. In fact, it has always been once per character since the game launched.

There is a work-around: start a new character on a second profile, and bring them in on split-screen; trade enough cash to tip Moxxi, then use that character to get the Bad Touch and trade it back to your primary. (You could also have a friend you trust come in with a new character on co-op to do the same thing.)