3 very short questions from newish person

If you look at the weapon itself, you’ll see subtle differences between the parts. Grips on shotguns might have the most subtle differences of all of these, so that’s a bad example to start. Go to a weapon vending machine and look for two weapons from the same manufacturer (say Bandit SMGs). What’s different about them? Barrel? Stock? Grip? Sight?

There are some very well laid out infographics about this that someone should be posting here shortly (I have them saved on my desktop, but they are hosted online somewhere) that really open your eyes to this.

edit - grabbed this link from @Scootalewis: http://imgur.com/a/8xsH0
The images are big, but have a look at those and let us know if that helps.

When you have the weapon card open, there’s an option to View the weapon; you can then zoom in/out and rotate it to get a good look. @Adabiviak already gave you a link to the parts posters, but you can find additional information in the various parts guides. Some of the other things you might want in a weapon you can tell by the name - you’ll find that covered in the same post.

In terms of getting the gear, if you’re still levelling up your character it’s not such a big deal getting exactly the right parts, since you’ll out-level it sooner or later anyway. If you’re at maximum level and looking at end-game activities, then it pays to give more attention to these things especially if you’re trying to maximise your gear and build for dealing with raids.

Eye opening indeed. Thank you.

What the bloody hell are you all talking about?!?! You have always been able to get a new Bad Touch each playthrough.

Hell, I was even able to get a new one for my Krieg just by resetting UVHM just a few days ago, and I know that I already got one for him because I always grab one before going to the Bunker each playthrough, I still had the lvl57 one from my first run with Meatman through UVHM sitting in the bank.

I have never been able to get a Bad Touch in either UVHM or TVHM with a character that got one in NVHM first. Maybe resetting UVHM clears a flag that allows you to get another, but I’ve never reset UVHM on any of my characters so I can’t comment.

I reset my Axton recently and I’m certaint since he was my first character he got the bad touch in nvhm. If I get a new bad touch in ivhm I’ll be sure to report back.

Every time I start a character I grab a Bad Touch in NVHM, and every time i’ve been able to grab another on TVHM and UVHM, strange…

Perhaps it has something to do with what version we happen to play on? I know that some games have weird inconsistencies between different versions, like platform x vs platform y vs platform z, or physical vs digital, or Steam vs non-Steam.

I’m using the Digital PS3 version for the record.

So am I. I’ll do what I stated above tonight.

I’m on 360, running latest patch and hotfix. I’ve just tried this with a few characters:

  • Level 72 Axton: Bad Touch in NVHM, but only getting a Good Touch in UVHM. (Has lvl. 72 Bad Touch from another player)
  • Level 72 Maya: Bad Touch in NVHM, but only getting a Good Touch in UVHM.
  • Level 52 Axton: Didn’t tip in NVHM, Bad Touch in TVHM, Good Touch in UVHM.

Are you sure you didn’t simply pass down the Bad Touch from your first character in NVHM to your second etc.?

100% sure, especially considering that the Badass Constructor fight before the Bunker with that character (Krieg) is far too ingrained in my mind (57 Bad Touch 53 Unkempt Harold 58 corrosive Ladyfist 50 fire Norfleet kinda ingrained), that an the only other two characters I took to UVHM both also still have their 50+ Bad Touch in the bank (my first being one of them, whom I definitely remember grabbing a BT with on both NVHM & TVHM).

Well, score one for the PS3 digital version then. I should also clarify that mine is the disk version on 360 - I wonder if there’s a difference between disk and digital versions?

OK just tested.
Ps3 downloaded/digital copy
Latest patch and hot fix
Op8 axton who recently reset uvhm.
Tipped moxxi got a good touch.

^Well that rules out that theory…
This is the first i’ve heard of anyone not being able to get the Bad Touch on multiple playthroughs…

I don’t think resetting UVHM makes it count as a new playthrough as far as getting a Bad Touch is concerned; I distinctly remember counting on getting a Bad Touch whenever I’d bring a new character into Sanctuary in a new mode though (I’m on Steam).

I played/play on the 360 and XBox One and can say that I’ve only ever gotten the BT once per character across all play thrus, UNLESS I used a second character on another profile. Using a second character will allow the character that previously got the BT to get it again. I’ve not tried saving/quitting with the second character and then just dashboarding with my first character to see if this can be done multiple times or not but if someone wants to check that out…

Hey there, the OP back again, this is really tangental, but does anyone know what the sound effect is when taking an item out of storage? I cannot stop hearing Marcus’ voice saying “Bondage!” – but that can’t be, can it?

First of all use for 1st character a farming character like Axton or Maya aka commando or siren. i can’t answer number 1 cause Im playing my axton again which is non elemental and i’ve forgoten all about DOT cause my gaige is the one using elemental weapons.

2 No you should farm only when your LVL 50 endgame of TVHM, LVL 72 endgame of UVHM, OP5 cause enemies will be hard in OP6 - OP8, OP8 cause its the final lvl you can get in this game. To unlock OP levels must beat digistruct peak to unlock OP1 then beat it again to gain next level so on until OP 3 or OP 4 wherein the final boss will unlock now you must defeat it to progress OP 5 to OP 8

3 golden keys are pretty useless in this game unless you don’t have time for farming

Tip wait till lvl 50 to do sidequests in TVHM lvl 72 in UVHM reset UVHM in OP 5,reset again UVHM in OP8. Reason for this is so you can get gear that is in missions only

I’ve never heard that, so obviously it cannot be! There are different sound effects for different classes of items when you pick them up from the ground, lockers, boxes, etc. Not sure exactly what you mean by “out of storage” though - from a vending machine, the bank, the stash, or equipping from within your inventory?

I mean out of the bank or out of Claptrap’s stash. Could you try it and tell me what you hear? I can no longer un-hear “bondage” until I get a replacement!

Any item, or specific types of item? I’ll def. check when I get home tonight, because you have me curious now!