3 very short questions from newish person

One more thing: How rare is “rare drop”? I’m looking for a decent fire weapon, and I thought I would try for the Hellfire from Scorch, but so far she’s only dropped green items. Do I need to kill her 50 times or so? I’m finding it quite difficult, too, simply because of those trash fire spiderants (I find them harder to kill than just about anything – any tips?).

It’s random, but drop rates were increased in the patch last year. 50 kills would be a severe bout of bad luck, but the RNG can be fickle of course.

In the interest of efficiency, ignore as many trash mobs as you can - I agree that those burrowing fire spiderants can be annoying - and take out Scorch as quick as possible, check for drops, then rinse/repeat.
You can make the run quicker by keeping to the left of the first bandit encampment and not engaging them at all.

You should have a Hellfire before long - provided you don’t take me at my word and start expecting it, in which case RNGesus will deny you any and all drops until you learn some humility and respect. Very temperamental, that one :acmwink:

(On an entirely irrelevant side note, Scorch is a ‘he’, as confirmed by Tannis in the Peak.)

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Righto, thank you for the encouragement, and particularly for RNGesus, that’s the first time I ever heard that! Very nice. I’ll try my next round of Scorches soon…

(I also have great trouble with Hellborn there, since practically everything is practically immune to fire. Is it too goofy to spec out of it when going after Scorch?)

Well, Hellborn builds are about so much more than fire damage that they’re not exactly invalidated by some enemies resisting that specific damage type. Your buffs to fire rate, damage resistance etc. are for example pretty universally applicable with Torgue weaponry.
That said, I don’t know which level you are or which gear you have available.

On the whole, respeccing as often as possible is always a good idea IMO - the more builds you’ve tried in a variety of scenarios, the more you’ll learn about your options.

Righto, thanks much. I’ve found it hard to set myself on fire with Torgue weaponry, for example, and without being on fire, I gain fewer bonuses. The more I set opponents on fire, and the more fire DOT I do while doing so, the more durable I am, and I find that when switching to a rough rider and speccing into Taste of Blood, I remain much more robust when up against fire immune enemies, and while my overall level of output is lower, and I find myself less flexible, I do stay alive. I’m level 61 and running around with the odd stuff I find, mostly green-blue, but I have got a Ballanced Slagga and an Explicit U-Harold and my FotF as legendaries – seem to be doing ok in general. Thanks much for your help.

As @cioran said, if you don’t get one in 50 drops that’s really bad luck. The average should be about 1 in 10, but you could easily go 20 or 30 and then get 2 in a row (happened to me with the Unkempt Harold from Savage Lee).

Also, if you completed Monster Mash, you might want to continue on a little ways to hit Spycho. And once you’re there, there are two red chests in easy reach for a chance at good loot. Plus you never know when you’ll get a chubby/tubby spiderant or two along the way. I say all that since you may find it a little less stressful if you’re not focussed on getting a single thing every single time!

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All I hear is an audio sound effect, not a word. There’s the click-whoosh when you open it, and then the individual sounds of each item type (shield, relic, gun, grenade mod). This may seem a bit odd but, if you have the option, try adjusting the eq on whatever you’re running the sound through. Changing which frequencies are emphasized and cut can actually change the way things sound quite a bit.