3 ways to luneshine?

So I am curious for a while now. I sometimes get the tooltip, that you can get luneshine via 3 different ways.

  1. Grinder
  2. Moonstone chests
  3. ???
    I can’t read the third, cause my game load too fast. Someone know the third was to get luneshine guns? Cause I can’t get behind it.

I think it said that some bosses might drop them. I have never seen it happen though.

I had no idea there was a gun that had a chance to drop with a luneshine effect until I was reading this thread the other day:

Yes some bosses can drop them, I have only seen this once however, best chance is definitely the grinder chests just seem to cost to much moonstone in my opinion, with grinding you can sort of have some control of what you get at least.

i have never seen a dropped gun with a lunshine effect on it. but i havent been “boss farming” in this game for a couple of reasons. but yes the loading screen says that bosses can drop them.

I can confirm bosses can drop luneshine weapons.

Picked up a luneshined Striker shotgun from Redbelly in NVHM, first run ever…

Thought it was pretty sweet (an orange that early, compared to the first Orange found in BL2, an underleveled flakker I got from the Warrior first NVHM kill).

So yeah, confirmed.

Tooltip says bosses can drop them. After 550+ hours, I have not seen this happen.

Ye, have one from TVHM. So they can drop them. Good to know.

There is no 3rd way cause enemys dont drop luneshine weapons though the tooltip says so. At least i havent experienced it so far. Its more likely that a random scav drops you a legendary then a boss drops you a luneshine weapon.

@DarkCloud666 it can happen though just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t, I fought bunk3r over 1000 times and never saw it drop a head but he does. It all stems down to luck some people have it some don’t. So far every time I have fought Col. Zerp-a-derp I have got the Zx-1, one time as a Luneshine, some people never even get 1 from her, but that is the only orange I have got from any boss drop so far. Wait no I take that back I have got the giant iguanas drop a couple times too forgot about that.