Whats the Happs folks??I play single player campaign alot but I haven’t played ACM TDM mulitiplayer in a Longtime…Decided to fire it up tonight…It took less then a minute to get a 5 on 5 game going tonight for the 1st match…–Host quit after–took 4 minutes to get a 3 on 3 game going…Took 2-4 minutes to get another 5 on 5 game going…Loves ACM-Glad its still being played ; ) Also I am all for Gearbox/Sega fixing the matchmaking of Multiplayer…I personally have never had any issues finding a 5 on 5 game for TDM but if others do have trouble finding games for whatever reasons…I agree they should fix that

Played TDM again Lastnight–Took 20 seconds to get a 5 on 5 game…Played 5 on 5 for about 10 matches…These kids are good…I got my A$$ kicked…In the past I was pretty good…Always had more kills then deaths…I never got good with the Spitter or Lurker tho.I didn’t do well at all…My best match was like 9 kills 10 deaths…Worst match was 12 kills-28 deaths…I was frustrated as hell by that point–getting blown up by claymores all night…LoL-Sorry to the killers that probably were shaking their head at me fuc#k&ing their chances of winning.Im normally better then that.

Hey man, most definitely. Go and check out this group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ACM-BH

Thanks Man–I will join this …You guys have a pretty good crowd there.I don’t play TDM a lot anymore but this is nice.If I ever want to find some gamers-I know I can always get a game going.Thanks Magnum!!

Your most welcome, i try to spread awareness when i can about ACM’s community. Many people still do not know there is one or that the game drastically improved with the patch’s.

Hey guys, I havent been back here in a year or so.
I still play ACN every day on xbox and find matches every time.
Still a good damn game.

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Infact im playing right now lol

Blast a few of them Bugs for me ; )

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Hey crew–Played TDM tonight.Once again took 30 seconds to get 5on5 going all night…Played 5 rounds…Had a better night…My team didn’t win any matches but I actually had more kills than deaths in 1 of the games ; ) One thing I hate tho is when my team is the Aliens and the Marine Team keeps doing that jump/Hop back when your trying to kill um…Its annoying and unreal…No damn marine is going to be hopping around the whole match.WtF-They hop and hop and hop and shoot and its hard to get them…Unrealistic ImO…Stop doing that $hit knuckleheads…The gun smash is fine–That could possibly save a marine…The hop hop crap is weak.What u guys think?

Yeah, thst hopping ■■■■ is pretty annoying, my biggest problem is in 99% of the matches i have the worst ping.
I still get reasonable kills though

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