30 Fire Rate and 30 Million DPS As Athena With The Company Man

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Once I started playing TPS again due to a friend beginning to play it, I decided to try out guns I haven’t used before against Iwajira. Using the Raging Storm COM I’m able to get a 175% fire rate boost from Storm Weaving and 0.6% fire rate per Maelstrom stack. Due to how large the Company Man’s magazine is I’m able to exponentially stack Maelstrom as once my fire rate increases I can get higher stacks of Maelstrom and as my Maelstrom stacks increase I can get a higher fire rate. All of this together allows me to get up to 900 stacks, dealing around 1000-1100k damage per shot with around a 30 fire rate giving me a DPS of 30000k/30 Million.

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Hey man are you down to play with me on TPS on Xbox 1

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I can’t, I’m a PC player.

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Damn alright thanks tho

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I admittedly wonder, can similar results be gotten with the Bullpup, or are the 2 shotguns too diffirent for that?

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Holy crap. This game is so broken. This might be better than athena getting mad stacks to nuke the bejeezus out of the Sentinel Guardian.

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The really high magazine size of the Company Man is what’s required to pull this off consistently, as until you get 700 stacks to get infinite ammo you’re going to likely use up all of the Bullpup’s magazine. The Company Man also has around a 4.2 fire rate whereas the Bullpup’s is around half of that.

Actually I tested it, it took a lot more Stormfronts to get enough stacks to make it work but I was able to get it working consistently with the Bullpup. I managed to get a 21.7 fire rate with it and I was getting around 33 million DPS with only 570 stacks.

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very nice :wink: I use the prac thinking, I’m trying to get a prac development but have no idea where it drops:(


This exact technique has been explained long ago. But that’s cool you discovered it for yourself.

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I was gonna say that exactly

@dragonstomper64 There is a great guide on that playstyle in the forums, written by @BookEmDano

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Can be made with a Thinking or a Bullpup and maybe other guns, @BookEmDano would have all those answers

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I kinda knew that you could do something like this since launch, however this was the first time I actually bothered to play a level 70 Athena/an elemental Athena. I did a bit more testing on my own 2 weeks back and managed to get it working with any gun with over a 4 fire rate and 15 magazine size. If I decide to play TPS again at one point I’ll check out that guide though.