30 loadouts : Need some advice. Trying to elevate my game

We now have one load out per character.
Do people have 30 load outs?
Do people only have one per character?
Do people prefer several per main …for certain game types?

How useful are legendaries? Are they worth it at all?

This has always been my weakest point in Battleborn. That and new RPG’s take me away and I lose whatever edge I had, but there is no fixing that for me.

Is it really best to just get a ton of 0 cost shard generators and 2 legendary items?

Are character specific legendary items worth it? I feel obligated to use them. No one else seems to.

I was hoping to get some advice from some of the better players (more specialized players?)

If we could keep this thread nice n tidy for myself and other players that’d be great:

Format -

  • Character , situation, or game mode:
    -loadout (pictures optional, exact item and bonuses preferred)
    -reasons why

Thanks in advance.

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Please tag others that would be great at contributing. This could be a great resource for players and could really help make the game a more competitive place.



Resident gear expert, would you kindly mind helping out here?


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Care to weigh in, guys?


For the record, this is a topic I am VERY interested in myself.

I have 3 or 4 load outs that I use for literally every character.

I know I could probably substantially improve my Kill rate if I were to use optimized for each character Loadouts.

I would LOVE for some kind soul to list each character with a suggested optimized LOADOUT or two for each one!


Symbiotic Gaultlet, purple health regen needle with attack damage secondary, and a white non-negative shard generator. The SG syenergizes perfectly with the needle for damage output and survivability, and you get continual shards for buildables after all your gear is up; all keep you in lane longer. No other gear is required. Close thread.

This is what i keep in slot one, because i often forget to choose a gear loadout while drunk. I greatly prefer it to all my customized loadouts for my all-Rogue comp. It’s just so damn VERSATILE…


Thanks, that sounds decent on most characters. Also, please don’t close thread ><. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, i can’t. That’s up to you or a mod. Just a little joke…


I’m awful at “universal” loadouts, I much prefer building ones that play to a characters style and strengths because there’s so many factors to take into account - a generic “melee” set for instance I would find to be lacking on characters who need cheap gear to level faster if it was too expensive.

And yet I also find I often want gear loadouts for different modes on top of that.

Thankfully I don’t play the whole cast, so 30 load outs is enough for me to have options among the ones I do play.

For me, here are the top 3 factors I keep in mind when building a loadout:

  • Economy. Am I playing a mode with less shards, or one that emphasizes the importance of buildables over gear activation? Does the character themselves benefit more from leveling quickly via buildables than they do from a +stat piece?
  • Power Curve. Does the character suffer from weaknesses at certain stages of the game or power spikes that I can capitalize on with a timely gear activation, and how do I best match cost of gear against those points in the curve?
  • Overall character performance. What do I want to see the gear loadout do for that character by the end of the match? Can I justify making sacrifices in the above considerations to aim for a more threatening end game, and what gear should I bring to accomplish that?

I, uh… I just noticed that you said any CHARACTER-SPECIFIC legendaries… Embarrassing…

Toby’s is good if you take stun mines, but i still prefer the SG.

Whiskey’s is great for a large attack speed and reload speed bonus, but i still prefer the SG with a purple clip with health regen secondary.

Reyna’s is outstanding, as it gives you two things she really needs: heal power (for her level 4 healing helix, which is a given) and cooldown. It also allows you to heal your teammates with her power gauntlet, and is amazing if you play with people on mic (and i know you do), as you can tell them to sit still for a moment, and quickly top them off. I DO prefer her legendary to the SG on her.


In a way, yes, 0 cost + legendaries are the strongest builds on characters. Like right now how Bola’s is probably the strongest damage item you can even take.

There are a good amount of strong legendaries and they branch over multiple characters. There are only 2 good 0 cost shard gens and that’s: -% healing power and -% reload. Those two cover pretty much every class just fine. You can also use 0 cost -21% build cost to further boost yourself.

Some character legendaries are good like: Toby, Gali, Whiskey, Rath, Deande, Phoebe, Ambra. Other’s are you should never use them like: Orendi, SaA.

I do not use 30 load outs because I can’t play enough characters in a row to even warrant them. I think I have 10-15 nd this includes all my joke builds like ulu ambro (secretly not a joke).

Depending on the character I have one build like ulu ambro that is a single specific (though it works with almost every melee), Rath specific, Gali specific they use their personal legendaries. Other characters I have 1 build that support 4 different carry BB. 1 for cover all for supports because it works with all of them. 1 for casters because there’s only one. 2 separate tank ones. a CDR/skill one, and a melee one.

I use them for every game type, never changes.


@Lynxwolfe can you tell me some of your mains/ preferred roles? I have done quite a bit of tinkering with gear on different characters


I don’t.[quote=“Lynxwolfe, post:1, topic:1556626”]
Do people only have one per character?

For some yes, for some no.

I don’t.

Some are very, very useful. Bolas and SG are the prime ones.

Depending on the character.

There’s very few that are worth taking over other gear types.

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That is a really hard question to answer as I play them all.

My best characters and the ones I like best:


Second tier:

Third tier:

Fourth tier:
Everybody else.

That isn’t likely a super accurate list, but it’s close. I’m just trying to get a response in that covers most of my favorites. The first 4 especially.

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Is there any chance I can get you too elaborate on bits of that?

Any help with those 4?

Character specific legendaries are usually not worth taking. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head that are truly worth using are Atti’s, WF’s, Toby’s, and Benny’s. For anyone else, it’s better to play to their strengths or fill out some weaknesses than trying out gimmicks.

I can only help with Gali since she’s the only one out of those 4 I really specialize in. What exactly are you looking for in terms of gear? Tank? Damage? Mix of both?

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Okay Kleese is one I can talk about a lot, I use 2 almost identical loadouts for him/deande that have a different legendary
The first 2 items of each loadout are a free shard gen and an epic shield that generates shards.

The third item I change to suit my needs but it’s either shield web interdictor(stops enemy shields from recharging for 10 seconds after being hit with a skill)

Or lorrian skill spike(35% chance to deal 30% bonus damage)

Hope those set you up well at least for kleese

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Shayne I use a tankier loadout of a free shard gen, max shield with secondary shards and a health regen item

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A suggested build for both would be nice. I’m not expecting you super sekrit death loadout that you use, but some advice would be awesome.

I rather like the Vow of Vengeance. But, SG seems to be favored over it.

I hunted up a Vow of Zealous Fury, is that worth using on anyone?

I notice you use a secondary effect for shards a lot.

Can I ask why?

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For a tank loadout, just try to stack regen, health or use a mix of both and throw in DR for your third slot. Use Blissbeast on her if you have it.

For damage, run SEoA and SG with a free shard gen. I use to run VoV on her but SG ends up giving more damage with a better secondary effect. VoZF is still good, but not good enoughto take over SEoA especially on Galilea.

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