+30 matches, one Ambra

After playing Galilea for thirty or so matches, I finally come across the unicorn, Ambra. What happens? Killed her several times, match ends, and the game doesn’t even register the match. WTF! I cannot even play anymore.

Never heard of that happening. Talk about bad luck. Finding an Ambra is like catching a Leprechaun

I had to stop playing for the night, jumped on here to complain about it, I hope a Dev chimes in, this is unsatisfactory.

I would assume you got the last hits right?

Nut look here, when they make the lore changes it will only be 5 kills and assists count

How many Ambra kills/assists have you had so far? When the next content patch hits many lore adjustments will be made and so you will only need 5 kills/assists made on Ambra for it to count. This is also retro-active so if you already have 5 then you should be good to go.

oh yeah, i think I killed her 4 times, maybe 5, I changed my playstyle to kamakaze at her to get the kills. I saved the video playback on PS4 but the battleborn servers didn’t save the match history, i hope there is a way that I can submit the video.

this was my first match fighting her, and of course this fuqing happens

Yeah, if the match wasn’t recorded then something glitched up on their end and it may not count. It’s unfortunate. On the plus side when the patch hits you will only need 5 kills/assists and there will be more people playing the newly buffed Ambra.

when is that taking effect?

My best guess would be in a few weeks. I could be wrong. It could be next week or it could be three weeks from now. They’ve been trying to release a content patch once every month. There was a three week period between the last 2 content patches. The last one was on the 14th of June. I’d love to think it would come out next Tuesday, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Does it actually changes anything? This challenge still will be stupidly annoying, purely luck-based and gameplay breaking. I hope they won’t stop at this point and develop a true solution to this issue.

This happened to me once during a solo run of The Algorithm, I farmed swarmers to complete Kleese’s lore challenge for 500 Black Hole kills, did them all in one match but it didn’t save GRR what a grind :frowning:

Are you being facetious or… what?

Going from requiring 25 killing blows on a certain character to only needing 5 and having assists count towards it as well is a GIANT change. Even having played a single match vs ambra as galilea or alani (or vs oscar mike as whisky foxtrot) at any point since the game’s release will probably be enough for most people to complete the lore.

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after i cooled down a bit, i signed back on. i got another stroke of luck and faced another Ambra, good thing the player wasnt great and i got 5 kills on her. hopefully they change the lore soon.

I have more than 30 games on Galilea and I’ve killed 4 Ambra’s

I am right there with you, thirty somethin games with her, and 5 kills that registered. Should be like 8-10, I havent reviewed the video i saved.

submitting a ticket to 2k and they pretty much said tough luck. :rage: Hopefully they change the lore requirements soon because this is irritating to say the least.

And if you want to complete all the characters lore you still need to kill her 25 more times with Alani, they should make assist counts towards this. I’m 11/25 with alani and 9/25 with Galilea

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Well as a master of Ambra sometimes I don’t use the title because I’m tired of seeing Alani and Galilea on the other team in every match…

OH but its so much fun when you play Ambra and having Alani or Galilea just throw the objective out the window and die continuously trying to get at you.