$30-Season 2 Worth It?

I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks, so I’m kinda clueless to what’s going on…

For those of you who bought it, was it worth it?

For those of you who didn’t buy it, why?

I haven’t bought it yet because

  1. My friends haven’t bought it yet, and it’s not that exciting for me to go ahead of them. They are planning on getting it. When they do, I might do so as well.
  2. There is absolutely no idea on what the 2nd half of season 2, Director’s Cut, will include. It’s supposed to drop around Spring 2021 I think…so you don’t know what you’re throwing $15 at. I think you can buy the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut individually, and I don’t think there’s an incentive to get the 2nd Season Pass instead of them individually (I could be wrong).

Anywho. If you’re interested in the new Skill Trees, or the new Mode, I guess $15 isn’t that bad for it.

Gl and G’night.


Worth it if you going to play anyway. If not and you are looking for a reason to play again… wait for second half of Season 2 to see if anything interests you.


I’m on the fence…love this game to death, but with no new content to use trees on, it’ll get old real quick…and the one new game mode they have, doesn’t use the new skill trees at all ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)…

Not to mention all these other good games coming out soon(hello CyberPunk)…

So for now, I’m just seeing what other folks have to say…


Half the price of a new game for a single map that you can’t use skills on, one new skill tree for each vault hunter, and vague promises that you might have something to play in the future, but it’s definitely not going to be a full campaign or anything that adds hours of new content to the game.

If that’s worth $30 then go for it.

I think I’ll take my $30, and add another $30 to it, and go buy a whole game instead. Cyberpunk 2077 sure looks like it will provide far more hours of new content to play than Arms Race did.


Well i bought it for the skill trees but a word of warning fl4ks tree is not good mozes iron cub is useless it does no damage at the moment might be fixed with a hotfix who knows when only zane and amaras trees are good and arms race is no fun solo but if you have friends it might be good i would say wait unless your a zane main his skill tree is very good he now has the most damage.


I haven’t bought it because the value isn’t there for what I like out of Borderlands. I’d like to play around with the new skill trees, but the Arms Race mode isn’t something I’m likely to go back to many times.

I’m more of a story guy too. So I’ll be waiting for a sale sometime after I get the new Xbox in the new year.

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I’ll say this:

Arms Race

  • Overall price maybe between 2 and 5 $.

  • Could increase value, but GB must massive expand on it.

  • Will lose interest in very short time since it’s limited, slow, boring and instead of inovating, it actually brings Borderlands to a lower level.

  • New weapons and items only drop in this mode => the only reason would people play.

4th Skill Tree

  • Price maybe between 1 and 4 $

  • If you want the 4th skill tree only for your main, you’re paying for all four.

  • I main Zane, they killed his green tree so i must pay for the purple one.

  • You need to play Arms Race for classmod related to the 4th skill tree and that is Borderlands torture.

Director’s Cut

  • Seeing what they did with the recent patch, i’ll say to wait a month after it’s release next year.

Best price i’ll put on Designer’s Cut right now could be around 5$ max. So, no, it’s not worth it. But that is my opinion.


Did not buy

Arm race: I can do it myself with a resetted character with empty inventory and circle slaughter/proving grounds. Only it is better as I can allocate skills points by the end of rounds. Watching a pure play video (no cuts, no goddarn streamer prattling) of Arm race further convinced me that there is nothing really new in it.

New skills trees: have bugs as expected and only half of them interest me anyway.

I was a bit hesitant as well whether or not to buy it, but the anoint pollution with new skills from this dlc pushed me on the nay side. I am sick of founding snare, orb, cub and Mantis cannon anoints as if to force my hand to buy.

All in all , I thought I d have bought two of the new trees if there were an individual purchase option but no…

Director cut: we have very little information about it all we know is that it will include additional stories like season pass 1. I may buy it individually when it is out as I alway like more jokes and quirky stories from the Borderlands


Half a triple A game price for barely new content, a skill tree for each vault hunter (that of course seem to be much stronger than vanilla ones) and a promise for some content? It’s amazing that they get away with this.

Stop being some easily satisfied people…


I didn’t buy it, because it is not what I expected. All I want is a classical “BL2-like” DLC experience. Maybe I’ll change my mind, but will definitifely wait until more is know about Director’s Cut. And because I started to play other games I’m having way more fun with. Borderlands 3 is kinda dead to me.


15 bucks for a stripped down mode and a skilltree you might or might not use?
an other 15 bucks for mystery content (for all we know they can give us jack ■■■■…)

the takedowns and seasonal events had more content and where free… (given that GTD is a big slap in the face of solo players due to their crystal mechanic)

there are people out there who enjoy the arms race but from what i’ve seen and heard most will be bored with it within a week or so (after they get the dedicated loot there’s not much incentive to even play it)

for me the game is just boring now… there’s nothing to do, resetting the game is tedious, replaying DLC forces you to replay the pandora part of the story (yes, you pretty much have to replay the tutorial every damn time and after that you still have to run through the main game to again unlock the bosses) so you’re pretty much forced to use a clone/mule to play the DLC without losing progress


I did not buy it (yet).

  • find it’s overpriced (for DLC5 content, afaik)
  • was disappointed by DLC4 length, waiting for good feedback on next content before I open the wallet for GBX again (not found yet)
  • am generally against preorder, so no-go until DLC6 content is detailed (and reviewed)
  • no need to hurry as each DLC release has its bunch of bugs that may only be fixed in following weeks (or months, or someday later in the future)
  • not willing to pay a “fix” for Zane’s butchered skill trees (moving 2 capstones a year after game release is an acknowledgement that something is wrong, not changing how moved skills work is a cheap way to say they care more about having money than game being great)

If nothing new comes (and I mean some content worthy of my time, not cluttered with paywalled anointements that make looting a pain, bugs, design flaws that imbalance further some pre-existing skill trees, etc.), I’ll probably move to another game soon. There are plenty of full and decent games worth 30 €.


in my opinioon it is well worth it because we will get upcoming dlc duh?

If you don’t want to pay for content you don’t know about getting, don’t get it. Details about the Director’s Cut are very vague.

That said, don’t listen to people calling it $5 worth of content, either. Worth is subjective. Some people would pay $1 for Cyberpunk if they could. That’s just human nature. We’re not very good at estimating value for money at times :stuck_out_tongue:

What you do get right now is four skill trees, which will likely get continual balance just like the others have for the past year, and a new game mode. The really interesting thing about the new game mode is the size of the map. There are some drawbacks at the moment (Tediore guns are the most useful in any playthrough, for example), but it’s not as simplistic as some are making it out to be.

For $15 (which is adjusted properly for currency - the Season Pass was £25 for me, which is a £12.50 average), it’s not too bad. I think if they’d priced it a little bit cheaper, people would complain less. But also we don’t know how significant the Director’s Cut is going to be. Maybe that’ll silence the complaints, as it could end up having more content than we expect. It might not. Like I said: if you don’t like buying unknown content, don’t buy it :slight_smile:

All the people comparing it to a full game are being disingenuous anyway. DLC always comes out at a higher % of the base game than the content itself would indicate. There’s overhead on a piece of DLC the same as there’s overhead on making a full game that bumps up the overall costs. It’s just less noticeable on a full game (also, game prices have been too static for a long time and are dependent on a massive amount of sales to recoup value. DLC doesn’t have the same monetary strategy for the business, as you’re not guaranteed a similar amount of sales).

For me, it’s worth the money. Anybody who wants to call me easily pleased, or any similar such names, are welcome to do so if that’s all they have going for their arguments :smile:


I didn’t buy it yet because I do not like Fl4k’s new tree. It also launched with new bugs so I’m going to wait for the fixes. Also, we have no idea what’s in the Director’s Cut yet.

So far though, there’s nothing in Designer’s Cut that is worth $15. When everything is out, bugs are gone, and the pass is on a hard sale ($8-15) then sure! It’ll be worth it by then imo.

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Haven’t bought it because atm I’m not satisfied with the performance on my PS4pro.

Playing without it makes no sence, because you get drops from the season pass 2 which is useless. Things like anoints for new skills dropping for everyone… Without Season Pass 2 you have a bigger pool of anoints and then you cant use them. I believe GBX want to force us to buy it…


Until we know what the second DLC in season 2 will be while you’re not particularly interested in the first one it’s definitely not worth the 30 bucks.

I haven’t bought it. I’ll wait for the second DLC to release and then decide if I buy the whole season pass, just the second DLC or none. For season 1 we did at least know that all of its content is story-focused (campaign). This time around we know nothing about the upcoming DLC. I’m not paying for a mystery box and possibly end up with content I’m not interacting with at all.


I don’ tknow @WxndaBread personally (well, duh) and can’t say if the person has enough disposable income, but is it worth you time? If refund is possible, I would suggest to buy Arms Race + skill trees. I was sceptical about the mode, but I like in it’s own way after some runs. Yes, like BL3 in general, the mode has problems, but despite that, I like it.

If you don’t like the flavour - refund. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t buy Season pass 2, because SP1 felt very underwhelming to me in context of what I was used to in BL2. Especially the last two DLC-s were disappointing.
So I think it’s not worth to pay $15 for promises.
I bought Designer’s cut and in it’s own way Arms Race is fun, but I wouldn’t call it Borderlands. The 4th skill trees can also be fun, but only if you don’t mind playing the same story over and over again.

So in conclusion, if you would like to play AR and try out new builds in the same content just buy Designer’s cut. Also if I remember correctly there is no added value for the SP2, just the 2 DLCs so what’s the point.