$30-Season 2 Worth It?

It’s not worth it


Personally at the moment with what we got
Simply… NO

I just wasted €30
As a fl4k main I already knew I wouldn’t be using the new skill tree as its mainly just shields which I dont need to worry about wit my build and play style

As for arms race, in my eyes its just a fortnite rip off that makes all the work I done the last year farming and developing my character pointless. Not using equipment I get, but not being able to use your ability ?? The main thing that makes your character, your character
. I really don’t get what GB were thinking wen they were coming up with this

I am really disappointed with it

But as its the season pass I take it, what ever comes out over the next year I get just like the last season pass ill just have to wait and see wat else comes out and hopefully they redem themselves :pensive:


Good to see you man…it’s been a min :facepunch:

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For me yea it has definitely been worth it.
It got me a bit rejuvenated again and I’ve been playing the story missions again on new characters to try out all the new skill trees from scratch. So obviously that means I’ll be doing 4/8 playthroughs all over again.

Granted I’m a person that 100% this game so I have played this game a lot and just really enjoy this gameplay. Going over the main story again is brutal but at least now I can skip a lot of stuff and so far the new skills are keep me entertained.


Right now, not really maybe when Director’s Cut gets released.

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I have not bought it yet primarily because I have yet to hear a compelling reason from GBX that it would be of any value to me. In other words, nothing about DLC5 sounds fun or worth spending my money on and no one but GBX knows what is supposed to be in DLC6 so why spend the money now? Plus, with no road map for more DLC in Season 2 beyond DLC6, it seems even less is being offered than Season 1 which had 4 DLC.

More specific reasons for myself are as follows:

  • I couldn’t care less about more skill trees. I would far rather have my diversity in the form of additional VHs.
  • DLC that do not have storyline content have little to no appeal to me. Arms Race as it stands sounds like it would not fit my playstyle in the least. Though I admit that I think the core concept of a Game Show with VH contestants could morph into something more interesting down the line with multiple modes and some sort of progression built in.
  • I do not trust GBX anymore regarding its ability to release new content without mucking up overall gameplay in some manner and so I will happily allow others to field test new content for me before I commit to anything.
  • I do not trust GBX anymore regarding its ability to release new content that is complete, robust and worthy of my money (evidence, DLC3 and DLC4). Thus I will wait to see what others think before I spend any more money. So far, I have not heard anything regarding the new skill trees or Arms Race that sways my opinion towards a purchase at this time.
  • I make it a general policy to never pay full price for a game or its add-ons/expansions and have fostered in myself a discipline of patience to wait (I will not claim it is easy, but GBX has been assisting in that area of late by its choices this year).

There are several threads regarding people’s opinions of both the new skill trees and the new Arms Race mode with arguments both in favor and against, plus some videos on you tube (I believe) of actual gameplay. If you are willing to slog through any of that, you might get a better feel for the value of the Season 2 Pass as it relates to your particular gaming style preferences.

Good Luck with your decision and I hope that whatever it is works for you in the end! :slight_smile:


I haven’t bought it yet, and have no plans to currently. Extreme vagueness on what the director’s dlc will be, combined with the Arm’s Race being something I never would have asked for or wanted, and the extra trees being valued higher than they should be in my opinion.


Hard to tell without any idea what part 2 will look like but my short answer would be no. And my long answer would be nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Even with the new skill trees I just played maybe half an hour with each before getting bored again, at least with new VH’s you would be starting a new playthrough and it felt fresh. I seem to like arms race better than most but still found it lacking. Less replayability and fun than the takedowns imo but a good change of pace

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i would rather have more focus on the guns then an extra skilltree OR vaulthunter :wink:

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Haven’t bought it. Won’t be buying it until Director’s cut is out and reviewed by the good folks here (not professional reviewers who have an incentive to be overly rosy).

Once Director’s cut is out, I’ll be looking at a few things:

  1. How good it is at drop/shortly after drop.
  2. If it isn’t very good, I’ll wait to see if they improve it before buying it.
  3. How good arms race is at that time. Right now I have no interest in it, the gear it provides, or the skill treees. However, there have been some amazing suggestions in the forums about how they could expand upon Arm’s Race. If they do (and do it well), I might consider buying the Designer’s cut.
  4. If they drop any more DLCs that they decide to include in SP2. That would add value if they do.
  5. Finally, the cost of all individual DLCs vs. the cost of SP2. If adding the DLCs cost=cost of SP2, I may forego Designer’s cut.

A few reasons:
There are many things in the base game that have still not been fixed, even after the latest patch. Vehicle saves, quests that cannot be completed (Looking at you Wildlife Exploitation).
No improvements to the vault and no space increase, really messes up what they were trying to do loot wise with Extractions in Arms Race.
Only 1 map for Arms Race? There should have been a minimum 4 maps for this mode IMHO.

The addition of even more anointments, further diluting the pool. Anointments are out of hand. Especially since the anoints are dropping on gear for people who did not purchase the DLC, making it even more of a problem.

I could go on but I have zero faith in GBX for fixing any of the multitude of broken, annoying things in the game. And from what I have been seeing, it appears the added even more problems.


Didn’t buy it and will not by it for a multitude of reasons but here are a few.

  1. Can’t really play the game considering the base game still crashes my console so that is right out.
  2. Even if my console didn’t crash I would still not buy it based on how this whole game was rolled out. Meaning that with every release there is a fair amount of trepidation knowing that something can and will be broken.
  3. If I wanted to play a BR clone I would just play them, I play Borderlands for the single player or playing with people online, IE HH and Raids in BL2.
  4. Seems now days you spend more time comparing your loot than actually playing the game with all the buffs, nerfs and anointments. I liked getting a legendary item every now and then, not all the time, but that’s me.

Seems like the game is permanently inhabited by the Glitch Gremlin



I didn’t buy it. If I did, it would be for the skill trees and op weapons/ gear.

But here’s the thing, I have a suspicion that the op items will be nerfed.

And the fact that skill trees were only changed around to entice us to buy the new ones looks pretty shady. People were asking for Zane’s skills to be switched around for months before seeing dead even existed. Now it’s possible?

It’s a bad look. And since those are the only reasons I would buy the season pass, that’s a negative for me.


i managed to get some new items like shield, class mods, artifact and guns from lobby drop party today but still havent got season 2 pass yet as waiting on it going on sale first so till then have unuseable items in my vault.

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If you like experimenting with different builds and want a replayable and fun experience in arms race to get new dope loot then yes. Their is also more dlc to come with season pass 2 as well so it has more value that is yet to be seen. When you think about the fact that you can get hours of replayability and varied builds to test out at base with DLC to for the price of a meal which is over in 30 minutes I would say it is worth it. Just my 2 cents though. (I literally just spent 20 dollars on culvers and that will be gone in a few monutes so 30 dollars is not that much money to spend by the way…)

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I bought DLC5 but not the season pass because I want to know what I’m paying for before money leaves my wallet.

Mainly I bought the DLC for the new skill trees. I will easily get my money’s worth from the skill trees because I love making new characters with different builds. At the very least I’ll have 4 new characters to create and grind to max level which is what I enjoy. But if that’s not really your thing then the skill trees might be worth a lot less to you.

I wasn’t too interested in Arms Race after watching a bunch of gameplay of it, but since Arms Race was included with the skill trees in DLC5 I tried it out and it’s… okay…? I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it either. Maybe if I still had friends to play with it would be fun but they all quit because of disappointment with the game.

If you have other games you could be playing instead I might recommend just doing that. Unless you’re like me and are really into the idea of either new skill trees or Arms Race, I don’t see a big reason to return at this time. Maybe when more is known about the Director’s Cut you might be interested in grabbing the Season Pass (or not…). But if you aren’t already convinced by new skill trees or Arms Race then there really isn’t much else to say.


If it was EA doing this same ■■■■, people would be crazy, even more for the anointments droping for people that don’t own the new content.


Easiest Season Pass for me.

This game is done for me, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s pretty hilarious eeing people still buying it, then complaining about the price or issues with the new content… if you didn’t took the hint yet with Gearbox and Borderlands 3, then you deserve what you get.


Nice one :joy::ok_hand:


While I enjoy the game a lot, I don’t think it’s fair to waltz in here lording it over people who want to enjoy the new content but come up against issues. Issues should be fixed.

What you’re doing is attempting to brag about some kind of moral high horse for . . . not buying a piece of consumer entertainment. Not really a moral situation. Not really about what people “deserve”. It’s just your choice as a consumer, and nothing more important than that.