30+ split screen mules

So, I basically keep all legendaries I find/receive. Except worse versions of a legendary I already have. But I’ll mail away the worse version to a friend.

And then annointed effects ; I keep most annointed items I find (unless I judge it as too weak or a bad combo). By now my bank and packpack are already full 6 times over just from that. Using a splitscreen mules for that and the legendaries.

Then I keep most almost every purple and legendary class mod I find. That’s 4 full splitscreen mules.

I often keep a lot of purples and blues and mission reward items because reasons. 10 split screen mules for that.

The rest of my mules are probably items I thought were useful as I was leveling up and would hand off to my next character. Besides legendaries I’m mostly going to drop most purples less than level 49. Some exceptions (really good cash mirv atlas grenade for example). But those are filling up with level 50 purples as I do this.

The terror system has forced me to fill up about 5 mules with gear.

Why do I store so many items? I don’t know if I’ll see that item drop again so I keep it in case I have a use for it on one of my characters at some point. I was really hoping we would have seen a better storage solution in BL3. Love this game but we could use something to help. A gun book for example that would let you respawn items you’ve found before. That would help immensely.


Do we need to stage an intervention?


i made that joke once and no one liked it…


30 mules is a lot, but I know where you’re coming from. I have 10 mules I think, each with a different type or level range of gear. They’re not full yet thankfully, but the main point is that the game needs more storage, like a lot more.

Not, hey we doubled the bank space and added a Claptrap stash, more like hey here’s a 200 slot shared chest and another 100 slot dedicated for each character.


not yet haha. it’s a little bit “fear of missing out on good builds later” + hoarder + good logic + being limited by the game.

I need to organize it better and possibly take notes, spreadsheet, checklist or something. Do I have that legendary? Do I have a class mod that has these skill boosts?

All this and the DLCs aren’t even out yet. Yes we’ll get more bank at least (according to gearbox) but we’ll also have more things to store. And who knows what’s in store. Will there be other anointment systems to collect for? Will terror even be usable after Dec 3 (I think so because you can apply it to yourself, but will those anointments work after Dec 3?)?

OK, now you’re talking my language! (Intervention offer still stands though!)

if you really have 30 mules, it would take you an insane amount of time to keep a manual list/spreadsheet of everything you have. Is that really what you want out of a video game? That sounds like a second job to me.

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That would probably be enough.

Part of the problem is that I can only store it, 40 items at a time and I can’t see what’s being carried on each mule without taking the clicks and time to load them into the game and see. I can label each one but they run out of space too. i have 2 dedicated Artifacts guys and 2 dedicated class mod guys. But most of the time I just want to save space on the character I’m playing quickly so I can get back to playing.

If each mule could carry 80 in their backpack and 100 dedicated in a side bank that would certainly help.

Even if I want to store just 1 of each legendary isn’t that 200 items for a total of 5 mules * 40 items? That doesn’t account for part variations or anointments.

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No I wouldn’t want to, but I might because I’m good with data. haha. I would put it in google spreadsheet OR apple numbers so it’s accessible easily. And I try it keep it simple and prepopulated from online. So when I game it would be, look up said item, see if I have it. Yes? No?

Doesn’t fully solve the problem. There are too many variations. I love that there are variations. I just want it to be easier to store all the stuff and get to it easily.

edit: so I think I’d have to list legendaries, class mods, and artifacts. 1 of each anointment effect in each type of item it can be in (shield, grenade, gun) - probably like 100 items to gather there.

whatever floats your boat but it’s a gigantic steaming pile of “NO” for me.

I assume that most people would be happy enough with an app or spreadsheet that lists each legendary and whether they own it or not.

It would be awesome if gearbox published some kind of gear API that we can use to build a web application that would help us categorize all of our gear. I’d rather spend my time building that than a manual spreadsheet that would become a nightmare to maintain as time goes on


Seems like they probably could rather easily. They enabled that twitch plugin, for instance.

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A spreadsheet seems like a good idea at first, but the maintenance required kills it for me. Storing different types or level ranges is sufficient for me, I guess further subsorted by legendary alphabet letter range if I was going to go for all annointments and elements (which I’m not).

Presumably Gearbox is also working on better bank/bag sorting which should make mule use a lot easier too.

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I liked what @lowlines did for Battleborn with his website to track gear. I don’t know how complicated it would be to do something similar for BL3 - it might need to be restricted to legendaries just to be manageable.

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Their game design is to trash not better gear, and when they nerf/up stuff you just have to farm it again.
So they’d been generous with legendary drop at start, but when they saw hardcore streamer with all items starting to one shot their bosses they made a nerf to the loots.
And now, it’s a pain to get wanted legendary so we prefer to keep them when we see them.
And we are stuck with inventory space

And now, instead of 16 byte to store an object we have 250k to 1Mo savegame for mules…
Great design :slight_smile: (and it’s a pain to sort stuff now)

Good news is more bank space is coming in a future patch.

But this is the first BL that has turned me into a hoarder and some of the reasons are actually a good thing. This is the first BL to make it so I have to change weapons instead of just getting the best overall weapons and using them for everything. Between Mayhem mode and none of the VHs being weapon specific, you can now play with way more options.

But then again, I am also hoarding in this game too because of the nerfs and balancing that just didn’t seem to happen in the others (reading the forums doesn’t help).

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I’m the same way but I’m pretty selective with my mules. I have an AR 1&2 mule, shotgun 1&2, shield 1&2 and so on. Organization really isn’t tough when you just name them appropriately but it’s still tedious creating the mule and spending 50 minutes running them to sanctuary. I don’t split screen or use my second Xbox just because I’m OCD about having all the mules properly setup and self sustaining.

That’s excessive.

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I have 2 mules, but mostly so I can stash all the shields and artifacts in my bank.

But when the bank update comes I don’t think I will need them honestly. Maybe a little bit, but you really REALLY don’t need to keep everything you find. Class mods are honestly pretty easy to find, maybe keep the handful of SUPER good ones with good bonus stats, but you have to ask yourself “am I EVER going to use this?” answer is probably not.