300 eridium and a golden key and i still can't put a dent in Traunt

Seriously why does he need so much HP and shields? he’s just a buffed up mook whose only hard because of raw numbers, not skill not challenge, just numbers, he was easy on normal dificulty with Fl4k but because Amara is made out of wet tissue paper i can’t do crap even though i wasted the aforementioned resources just to try and get better gear for the fight,

EDIT: Anointed weapons need to specify “This weapon does more damage” seriously the interface and user info in this game is so misleading and archaic,

I beat him today in TVHM, MM1, using just a shock Hyperion shotgun for the shield and an Atlas gun for hitting him from behind cover.

Not even any strategy, just brute force with those guns. Whats your loadout?

I got him after i figured out the wasted 300 eridium went to a weapon that only boosts it’s own damage, but i was still only doing scratch damage with a 40x5 tourge shotgun crits at point blank range with rank 3 of personal space, that’s about on par with the gun my level 23 Fl4k is using to wreck stuff, but because Amara is such a wimp it couldn’t do squat,

Anointed weapons do more dmg? Not heard that before

Next to the new Countess spiderant FL4K Amara is actually the most solid Vault Hunter in the game when you have the right skills. Most of the time I can take huge spikes of damage from a boss and not come close to death.

The Brawl Tree is all focused on surviving and thriving in close quarters. Put 2 or 3 points in to Clarity, if your like Samsara use that too (mixes really well with Downfall) and get Mindfulness. Mindfulness is absolutely amazing. Let’s you reposition yourself and get your shields back when you need them most.
Guardian Angel is your safety net for when you get caught of guard.

I personally put 3 points in to Arms deal, a couple in Helping Hands to make synergies with Clarity then I put points in to Root to Rise to farther empower the combo with Raw HP this including the HP per second I get even if it is a minor amount.

For Bosses you will normally want a Phasecast but you can also use Phaseslames or Phasegrasps for add control.

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It’s effect reads as

“After using Phaseslam Weapon Damage is increased by 300% for a short time”

it should read

“After using Phaseslam This Weapon’s Damage is increased by 300% for a short time”

and it should explain how it interacts with other damage bonuses,


I keep seeing people bitching about boss. Seriously, they are so easy, get better. All of their attack are dodgeable. The main menace is you play correctly are the add poping during he fight.

The only boss that is very poorly designed is Killavolt, and they’ve already made some fix in the good direction.

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I was level 18-19, had 4 points in root to rise and 2-3 in clarity, i had points in samsar and helping hands too, the problem is Amara can’t heal out of sudden death ranage because of her janked up lame healing method being based on missing health, also obviously i couldn’t use get guardian anagel yet,

I wouldn’t be so mad if i hadn’t built her almost exclussively to tank only for the stealthy beast master Fl4k to make her look like a total chump because Fl4k can heal out of busrt down range and has their pet to back them up, and can use their damage bonuses from long ranges, whereas Amara has a weaker total attack boost that requires her to be in melee ranges to use,

Did you try to facetank Traunt at lvl 19?

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Don’t accept failure just because someone is stronger.When someone comes threatening you with fire and ice,you shoot him in the face.Its the spirit of Borderlands.Do it for glory and guns.

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That’s how annointed weapons work in general. Their effect is only active for the weapon you have in your hand at the moment. Also, have you tried shooting his critical spot. That staggers him quite often. It’s useful when he’s charging up most of his projectile attacks. His cryo orb can be destroyed by shooting at it. The incendiary puddles can be dodged. You can bait him into using his melee ranged attacks if you move in close and back away. Good luck.

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The more I see posts like this I feel maybe my Moze is actually OP haha

Like serious not a single boss gives me a problem. Playing on TVHM mayhem 3 and these single small character bosses all go down in less than a minute

Transformer shield is good against him though, especially when he drops all those electric ball things. You can also shoot those in fight for your life and you get a second wind like they are a mob. Just take his shields down and crit that thing on his back, circle him and grenade the adds.

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You really need a Shock weapon for Traunt (even a regular white one - SMGs or ones with a high fire rate work best) - the main issue is how tough his shields are to non-Shock. Once you get his shields down he goes down pretty darn easily.

My first clear was with Fl4k and was super easy, (TVHM-M2, I didn’t played with fade away, found it too easy and unfun) people told me Fl4k was OP, so I did it with another character

Everybody said Zane was super weak (and he is, awful character design and lots of bug) so I tried him next and I’m easily clearing the game in TVHM Mayhem 2 (without quitting to farm the good affix, I play with what the game give me).

I don’t even think I’m “that” good to be honnest, far from a top player. Don’t complain, get better

Mate bragging here is not helping anyone. Not even you, you sound like a … you know… D***, Just saying…


I killed him with a simple strategy - I just stayed in the tiny house left to his spawn point.
He cant reach you there, he cant hit you and even some adds werent a problem. From there I just shot him down savely.

Maybe don’t call Amara wet tissue paper when you can’t beat a boss that can be outdone by a single shield.

Clarity is pretty weak and samsara isn’t reliable. I don’t use either and I can still tank TVHM M3 with Amara.

It’s not bragging. People are complaining non stop that boss are too strong, asking for nerf, when honnestly, they barely are.

People don’t seem to want to learn how to dodge, and spend their time bitching about it. As I said, I’m not even that good, I just took some time to observe boss ability, then dodged them, period. Sure sometimes a boss kill me cause I screwed up. So what? That’s part of the game.

The simple fact that you can eat any boss easily dodgeable technique and not even getting OSed for it (And with FFYL you can die quite a few time before it’s game over) is already example enough that it’s doable.

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This. I honestly didn’t even know that killavolt or traunt were “unkillable” until I went online.

I died like 10 times in a row to Killavolt with zane at level 14. Know what I did? I leveled up, thought maybe I was doing Zane wrong so I respec’d, came back at level 16 and killed Killavolt so quickly that he never even got a chance to zap the floor.

The bosses aren’t unkillable. They aren’t hard. This isn’t us bragging. People just don’t want to actually play the game, they want to faceroll everything just by pressing the trigger.