300 eridium and a golden key and i still can't put a dent in Traunt

Which Traunt? The one on Athenos is easy with Amara.

IMO Amara is pretty weak until you get to about level 40ish and you start to fill up your skill tree. I run an elemental build and destroy everything so it’s not the character. Better gear always helps, but to me it sounds like you need a better strategy. Stick around the outer edge elevated areas and don’t go into the middle arena area at all. On the outside all you have to worry about is the giant orb that goes in circles, but it’s easily avoidable because it makes a loud noise giving you plenty of time to get out of the way. Use shock shock shock until you get his shield down and then switch to your highest dps weapons. Once his shield is gone he melts pretty quickly.

I dunno but this thread title sounds like it should be a Borderlands country song.

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I just stay out in the middle with him. No ads or big ball to deal with.
Amara does melt him really fast (TVHM-M1).

Well apart from every advise that has being thrown , move around and learn his pattern.He always starts the fight the same way and a lot of things are very well telegraphed.Watch what he does , let him kill you. After that apply this simple tactic -

It’s totally bragging and Boss are not “easy”, it’s you who lack understanding of others problem.

Fear not, I will explain!
Currently I am starting to find Mayhem 2 easy. But only 4 days ago I had trouble with only Mayhem 1,.
Did I “git gud” in the mean time? learn to dodge an stuff?
Not at all, I am way too old to improve that fast, I just got better gear.

You forgot that not everyone is decked with legendary, not everyone is 20 years old, not every one plays many hours a day, not everyone farm pub game… some people solo play, 1 hour a day, are old, and only Mayhem 1 is hard… and when you say to their face “it’s easy noob”, well, it’s quite self evident if’s bragging, disrecpectuous, disingenuous and thoughtless.


He was underleveled for that area.

No. There’s a difference between difficulty settings and strategy in the game. Increasing the difficulty 100% has to do with gear, not learning the game.

Beating a boss is both about gear and strategy. In the case of story mode, it’s mostly about strategy. You also act like people can be level 50 with 100 legendary weapons at level 18. The amount of time you play, your age, etc. are all irrelevant when we were all level 18 with mediocre gear at one point.

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Dorian.odet is talking how TVHM+Mayhem 2 is too easy, it’s not about level 18, it’s about having gear or not.

Further… I am sorry, but some people find boss level 18 difficult, and that doesn’t mean they are stupid or lack any kind of strategical thinking,… It’s you here who is deluding yourself in thinking you have the superior intellect necessary to beat those boss easily.
I mean you probably have an edge of course, younger, faster, healthier… but i wouldn’t call say it’s IQ.

I never called anyone dumb, nor did I say I was smarter. I said that people don’t want to use strategy. They expect to stand in front of him 2 feet away, pull the trigger, and win without doing anything.

Please, don’t insert your inferiority complex into this.

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what if not demeaning is, “they just don’t put in the effort”
really? when they fail for 2 hours non stop it’s not enough effort for you?
stop being demeaning man…
it pains me how gaming community highlight the total lack of empathy and understanding of many fellow human being…

I will help you understand a bit… sometime I have trouble seeing the enemy right in the middle of the screen, when looking for it! :open_mouth: sucks to be old:(

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I actually have that same problem. I find myself often squinting to see if I’m looking at an enemy or just a wall… Then they shoot me and i realize it’s an enemy.

My point isn’t against you, it’s against people like the OP.

I died to killavolt at least 10 times. I didn’t come online and say he was too hard. I leveled up, respec’d and actually realized I was playing with a super weak build, and beat him in minutes.

Maybe you have a point indeed…

But I am also quite irritated by this all too common behavior on gaming forum, where the depth of people argument is “it’s easy git gud man”, while it’s easy for some, less so for other…

And to be fair the poster was also a bit vague on the problem… and what he tried and failed…

Let’s leave it at that then! :slight_smile:

As for the OP, trying to be helpful to the question now:

-Resistance to electric damage will help a lot (some shield even give immunity to electric damage)

  • Before the whole ground become yellow, some hexagon do it first and will be the first to be back normal, run to them
  • Electric damage is good against his shield
  • Invest in Mara health regeneration skills, helps tremendously

Let’s talk about the game and not each other please, help the OP and be constructive. If you don’t have anything constructive to help, then please do not post.

my issues with traunt were the random popping up npc’s.

personally my weapon of choice is the Atlas q-system assault rifle. lots of damage & almost no recoil. help immensely on bosses/annoited/etc with staying on the crit spot.

Though Truant was tough the first time through (at level 18 or so) because my skill trees were not built out.

Bragging? People are calling for nerf cause “the game is too hard”.

I merely answered, while not being an hardcore player myself, that it seem pretty finelly tuned, at least boss. If, like you said, you’re not performing cause undergeared, or not good a it, don’t come asking for a nerf, farm stuff, train …

All I’ve seen so far is people coming to complain every time they can’t manage to beat a boss, which 90% of the community seem to kill just fine. The only one causing massive problem to everyone was killavolt but he was bugged.

OK having slept on it and calmed down,

i will assume traunt’s shields just don’t regen, because if true and i knew i could retreat and let my shield top me off i would have, but because shields entire gimicks in they regen that didn’t seem like an option,

and because Amara’s only viable damage buff requires her to be up close i couldn’t dodge because obviously his turn rate is faster than the strafe rate,

solutions, visual indication of shields that do and don’t regen, like maybe have a white sprial in the non regening ones, and reduce Traunts turning rate in solo, so solo players can reliably get crits when he locks into a attack,

A part of traunt crit zone is available from the front, over his head. Easier to hit him from the back though yeah, but you can crit him in the front too. Boss in the game are bullet sponge with predictable strategy, to beat them you just need to find the rythm of those strategy, play safe, and pick weapon adaped to the fight (It don’t really matter in normal, but in TVHM boss hitpoint are gigantic). You always need to have good fire weapon, and for traunt case, shock weapon.

A few notes from the conversation here:

  1. When levelling Amara, in my humble opinion the Brawl tree is by far your best option. Why is that?
  • Mystical Assault contains many good flat bonuses later on, but early on it’s primarily focused around killing enemies to generate Rush stacks, and it gives minimal payoff in return
  • Fist of the Elements is a very synergistic tree, the more you have invested, the better it performs. As such the return is worse for the investment at lower levels. On top of that, bosses are a pain when levelling it due to their MASSIVE (Ridiculous) elemental resistances. Though you’ll blow through trash mobs, you’ll struggle to deal with bosses, and you have no sustain until 20 points into the tree.
  • Brawl, meanwhile, gives lots of sustain, crazy amounts of it, and it does so very early on. Investing say 15 points into it, and THEN branching out to whatever else you want to do, just makes the whole experience so much smoother. Plus a 36% damage buff for free sure doesn’t hurt the massive health bars.

Now regarding the Brawl tree, both Root to Rise and Personal Space are great in the first tier. Root to Rise because she has powerful percentage based healing in Samsara and Personal Space because it’s damage, and who doesn’t like damage? Samsara though is the most important ability early on, as it’s easy to understate what it represents, but just keep this in mind- At 3 ranks, it is a FULL HEAL if you hit ONE target. You don’t need 5 stacks to make it good, though if you do get multiple stacks, 10-25% of your max HP per second makes you nigh well unkillable.

This is especially true once you get Arms deal going for damage reduction, and get Mindfulness, which make you more mobile, gives you better shield regen, and so forth. Once you have those abilities, there’s no reason you should die. And if you don’t die, then the boss has to fall EVENTUALLY right? Unless your guns are so weak that even using all your ammo you can’t kill them, in which case the issue isn’t the character, it’s the guns. I had TERRIBLE guns for Traunt though and got him done eventually. Keep your eyes open for Rocket Launchers (they can chunk down even bosses), double barrel chainguns and other high speed multi projectile guns, and shotguns of basically any variety. Those weapons tend to have the highest raw damage per minute in my experience.

Lots of rambling. Hope it helps someone.


That’s some good analysis. My first siren (also first character), I leveled up as Fist of the Elements and had trouble sustaining until my damage output was better. My second siren, I leveled up as Brawler and had no trouble whatsoever. Damage and survivability were both good.