300+ Guns and Gear FREE (lv. 72-OP8)

I have a ton of extra gear in all shapes, sizes, elements, and rarities. Most all the gear is OP8, but there are a few OP6’s and OP7’s in the mix. I also have a smaller stock of Level 72 weapons and gear up for grabs as well, but it mostly class mods that range from 70-72.

All you gotta do is ask and you shall receive–assuming I have it in my inventory of course. Each weapon I have comes in every element, BUT I only have one of each. Some cases may vary though.

PSN: Jody-Bryan

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Im looking for a lvl72 conference call or legendary sickle class mod, PSN: epic_bumblebee

I don’t believe I have a level 72 conference call, but I do have a Legendary sickle mod. It is however level 70…

specific level for the legendary sickle class mod for the psycho?

Would you happen to have an OP8 twin hornet with a jakobs grip, or a potent thunderball fists with a maliwan grip? Been trying to get them myself, but knuckle dragger, and sparky are being stingy.

Thanks but i got given one last night, lvl72 i believe it was

I have both of those, but neither have the grips you’re after. And the Thunderball Fist has the Binary prefix.

Not to sound like a know it all but the Thunderball Fists can have the Potent prefix- as well as the Evisceration, Surfeit and Binary…:grinning:

Oh yeah I know, it’s just I only have one with the Binary prefix is all. If that wasn’t toward me disregard this comment then.

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Fml. Back to farming then I guess. Thanks anyway.

I have been farming for an OP8 purple Derp Duuurp! with tourge grip, bandit exhaust and vladof sight for several days now, don’t suppose you have one…?? I have nearly everything at level 72 if there is something you need.
PSN: Xis10al

Damn! Gonna hit you on PSN. I’d like to have some fresh gear for my psycho

This offer is still available, but please be aware that the inventory is limited and ever-changing.

All gear offered is OP8. First come first serve. All items usually come one per element (i.e. shock Avenger, corrosive Avenger, etc) Unfortunately I can’t guarantee perfect parts or specific prefixes. I have what I have and if you want it, then you can have it.

All you gotta do is ask! Also note that if you receive no response from me, I simply haven’t seen the request yet. This forum and my PSN are the best means to reach me.


Hi, I just saw a tediore build axton that looked like a lot of fun it used heap of gear I don’t have such as Fire / Corrosive baby maker and fastball also grander mod and tediore relic but most importantly the elemental refill avengers which would be d hard to farm. While I’m asking a twin hornet,OP8 slagga And any norfleet with mag of 7 or more would be awesome. Thanks for helping us out. pSN: MrNorris2357

I have most of what you’re seeking, although some may not have the prefix your after. The only Avengers I have come with either the Hefty or Brisk prefix. I have a fire Baby Maker, a Twin Hornet, Slagga, and I’ll to search through my Norfleet collection, but I’m unsure about having one with the magazine size requested. I also have a Fastball, but it’s only explosive with no element. As for the relic and the COM, I’m sorry to say I don’t have those…

Looking for Conference Call

PSN: Guerreirooo