300% Melee Brawler Ward or Fire Relic

Looking for a 300% melee damage brawler ward shield regardless of level. Farmed Graveward for several hours with no luck, (only 180%s) and from what I hear it’s no longer possible to obtain the 300%.

Also, if anyone has a relic that significantly boosts fire damage I can also trade for that.

You have a list of legendaries?

Have a 300% Brawler annointed… Looking for Cold Warrior mod or an annointed cryo Crossroad

I have brawler ward too looking for ice breaker artefact

I have a 300% Brawler Ward as well, resist on corrosive. Looking for a Bloodletter class mod for Moze.

reierje, I still have the cold warrior mod we talked about but instead of Bounty Hunter I’m looking for Bloodletter now!