300 shared stash is cool. But can we get character specific bank ? The wall trophy seems a perfect system to use

The one thing that wouldn’t be hard to implement but would be a life changer of many VH heavy farmer, especially now that we are going into level cap raise territory is a personal, character specific item stash.

300 storage space in the SHARED STASH is nice but we need a true bank.

The trophy wall could very easily be transformed into a 20/30 (or more) item storage stash per gear category. It is overkill considering that would give 200 to 300 storage space per character but we already have a 300 bank.

Gearbox has stated that they won’t release new character because not many customer played more than one character so by giving us a 300 SHARED STASH capacity, they have already accepted that we need that for our the only character that we will ever play…

It would help with gear management. From managing your bank bewteen your multiple toon or simply having all your specific annointed build on the same toon. I haven’t seen many people over the year on the forums only playing one character, and over the year, i have seen people releving the same class, trying different build.

This is now a very tedious process as you have to put all your gear into a 300 shared stash and it takes way to many time to manage.

So, please, just please, add a character specific bank at some point Gearbox.

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I’d love this… maybe cut off the twinking ability of the current shared vault (for those of us with more than one character, whichever one was played most recently would get the complete instance of the bank, and all the other characters would be sitting on empty ones of the same size. Then set it up where we can use the mail system for twinking between characters.

I mean, I’m all for adding an entirely additional set of storage spaces to this end, but I’m trying to think of a way to do this that makes it the easiest sell possible.