3000 years can be such a pain in the

Ok ok joke aside i must have terrible rng… I’ve been playing 30 days (as often as I can) and still can’t get a growling bear trooper legendary class mod… seriously this is ridiculous XD at this point finding one let alone my idea of a perfect version
5+ stainless steel bear
Max hp possible
maybe some cooldown
Seems impossible ^^; anyone else still unable to find coms even online?

I sometimes get one legendary class mod in about 4-5 Graveward farming online at Mayhem 2 but that probably me having generous rng on my side

Last week Tuesday had an event for rare enemies to spawn. One of the rare enemies sometimes can drop Class Mods more often. I wish that event became a part of the game. Farming Graveward isn’t giving me CM as I’m seeking for those too. Just too much legendary weapons outweigh certain legendaries (Class Mods) with bonuses rolls I’m looking for

What platform you on my dude?

I got 6 coms in 30 minutes graveward farming.

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I just got my first legendary class mod for moze, whom I have mained from day 1. I actually got it in a proving ground. It’s not perfect to my build but my homie, it is so great that I just want to play.

25% chance of micro grenade dropping on critical. I was destroying everything. Bonus on maliwan guns, which I personally never use, and increase in max health (I believe 17%?).

Again, not great, but those micro 'nades are beast.

Playstation 4

Guess it’s just my crappy luck then ^^; i thought maybe they were just glitched

I’ve got Bear class mod with +3 Stainless. I can’t remember the other bonus skill or the card stats but you can have it. Ive got a few you could pick from in fact but I can’t remember the stats in the other mods off hand.


I’ll be on sometime in the next day or so. Just hmu leave message who you are what you need.

I appreciate that but sadly my internet isn’t good enough for online (2 mbps 999+ ping) i just play connected for the hot fixes

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You’ll find it eventually!

I know most of my class mods dropped from Circle of Slaughter.

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Thanks for the tip~ just wish it wasn’t such a pain to play mayhem solo XD

One day if you able to play with us you can always add me. There isn’t much I can do solo except looking for better Class Mods and annointed gears