32:9 3840x1080 Menus

I recently upgraded to an ultrawide monitor (32:9 3840x1080) and the game looks beautiful on it. When I try to enter certain menus however (skill trees and fast travel map for example) the options are hyper zoomed in and all of the options cannot be selected as a result. Is there a fix/workaround for this? I’ve been changing my resolution when I need to travel but that gets old.

Hey, sorry, I didn’t see you post before I wrote mine. This has been a problem for months now. The issue was not there at launch, but appeared some time later. Apparently, this is a common bug amongst ultrawide users and has yet to be addressed. Like you say, the game is wonderfully immersive on ultra-wide. The bugs, however, detract from this somewhat. I’m not aware of any workaround, which is why I asked the question, too.



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I appreciate the reply. I figured it would be a common thing, was just hoping i was missing something simple :stuck_out_tongue: