36% finished BL3 on PS4?

So I finished, and now playing on Mayhem. I noticed that I got Award for reaching Level 50. Ok. Wee. But I also noted the percentage of players that got that achievement was 24.6%
And the end game achievement was 36.5%?
So just over a third of gamers have finished (on PS4)!

And there seem to be only about 80% reached level 10.
24.5% Reached level 50.
54% Reached level 25.
43% Completed 20 Side Missions.
Only 10.9% have bought 20 Cosmetic items from Earl.
AS expected, 2.5% Discovered all named locations, but only 2.4% have Completed all side missions.
10.4% Completed Zer0 Targets of Opportunity
30.9% equipped Purple or higher.
37.5% used a Golden Key.
36.5% Finished End.

BTW, Final Trophy for end game (Bye Felicia) was gold, along with Level 50 (Biggest Badass in the Borderlands) was also gold (on PS4).

I wonder the stats… like how many played ALL the characters? OR Which Character was used most to complete the game? Or what percentage of players dropped off after Patch one, Patch two, Patch 3…?

More people don’t care about achievements than do, some people get on their high horse when something they like get nerfed and they just stop playing I guess.

At the end of the day, the loyal players will stick around through thick and thin and accept that nerfs are basically done and from now on most weapons and fear will be buffed except a couple of standout stuff.

I have not completed all side quests. Not likely too as Slaughterstar is just not fun for me nor are the burger delivery runs but I have found all named locations.

I will buy stuff from earl. I was going to finish off my purchases while they were discounted but it never happened when I was able to log in.

in short I am one that does not care about “all the achievements” but I did my best to get a bunch

Im going for platinum,just two more throphies to get,way more easy than BL2 in my opinion

I’ve got the platinum trophy and it was zane all the way.