360° screen capture?

I was wondering if it was possible to create 360 degree videos such as these, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzuqhhs6NWbgTzMuM09WKDQ?gl=GB&hl=en-GB, in HWR

So in the video you could free-look around while the match is played out using, say, Cardboard.

Maybe by configuring the resolution to some sort of 360 set up and then capturing that?
I don’t now, any ideas?

Wouldn’t that be amazing all the time? Yes, why… yes, it would. :sunglasses:

There is definitely ways to record a 360° video with the new facet system @BitVenom implemented since 2.0.
I don’t know what youtube needs or how it converts/create this kind of free-look video, though.

Would be epic, that’s for sure !

Edit : after @Lazer72 last post about 360° vertically, I feel a bit silly as I didn’t think of that at all :confused:

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Imagine Google Cardboard support… VR…
Wow. Would only work as a spectator I guess.
Pretty difficult to control the ui.

Making a new ui adapted for this kind of thing would totally make me smile A LOT ! \o/

I’m wondering if it is possible to take 360 screenshots and then convert them to a cardboard view-able image.

I’m wondering what resolution or aspect ratio is required for the cardboard app to recognise an image as a “photo sphere” or whether it has to have some special attributes.

@BitVenom hey, I know you’re probably very busy but I know you played with 360 degree screenshots before. Is it possible you could upload one with also a 180 degree vertical? To create a full sphere?
Then I could upload here:

You only need 180 degree vertically actually.
The tricky part is to get it into Equirectangular Projection form.

oh yeah, you’re right.
I suppose BitVenom’s facet system uses vertical facets only (could be wrong though, I’m not in his mind ^^).
I imagine that it would need something more complicated to manage something like that.

YouTube doesn’t support skyboxes? I guess keeping 6 frames in sync would be harder than 1.

Also not sure which would be easier for @BitVenom to implement.

YouTube supports 360 degree video (essentially a video skybox) look at the videos in the link in my first post. On a desktop use your mouse to click and drag the view around, on an android phone you can move the phone around.

What about just sensor mode screen?

What’s that?

Sensors mode? How else can I explain?

Oh that. That’s not the point.
I want to be able to use cardboard to look around

I was saying at the very least it could be easy to take a screenshot in sensors mode and look around.

I imagine the lack of response from a developer is telling in itself. I think this idea was addressed some time ago, if I am not mistaken. However, after a search, probably best to get their attention directly if you want a response.

What about 360 degree panoramas? Bitvenom has done similar screenshots before.