360 to xone? Help

Can I get my save from the 360 to the xone?

The info is a bit old but still useful. Hope it helps.

I hook both 360 and Xbox1 to the internet then,

  1. open game to main menu on 360, look for “Upload Character”, pick a toon then upload (this can be only be done 1 toon at a time)

  2. only open the game to the menu screen on Xbox1 look for “Download Character”

Beat me to it, but a person does have to stop and talk to the wife when she asks you a question :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I am doing a play through now from scratch but when I am done I want to now grab my old saves as I have a stash full of op 8 gear, 100s of items that I collected over the years

the only thing I’m not sure about, and for some this don’t matter.
Is that I heard that you want to transfer a toon over first from the 360 Before starting any new BL2/TPS game on Xbox1, that if you start a new game first, it sets your BAR Rank to 0 thinking that your a new player and that transferring toons over will not change that after the fact.
I transferred a toon over first from both games on the 360 to Xbox1, not wanting to take a chance that what I heard was incorrect.

I did it last night with my Siren, it was so cool to see all the 72 and OP 8 gear, max shields and 100’s of items in the locker.

I was a little worried that all the items would not carry over but they did so I was happy.

thanks for the help

PS looks like I am almost ready to prestige again.


That’s Good, I never had a problem transferring over any toons but there is always a chance something might.

Another tip
I’ve kept my 360 as my backup, so if anything happens to a toon or its inventory on xbox1, then I can always re-transfer it over.

I just didn’t know since I had over stuffed the locker by about 300 items