360 Toons to One? Possible?

I recently (yesterday) installed BL-1 on my ONE. Before I turned off my 360 for the last time, I transferred my BL-1 and BL-2 Toons to the Xbox Cloud. They all showed up on my ONE.

My BL-2 Toons are playable with THC. But, I’ve never loaded and played BL-1 until yesterday.

So how can I get my BL-1 Toons to Load & Play on my ONE?


Shouldn’t be a problem for the BL1 characters. Once the BL1 game is installed, starting it should boot up the game inside a virtual 360 on your XB1. Then you just select the game mode you want, and all your BL1 saves should show up right there. The saves do have to have been moved into the cloud sync folder on your 360 and given time to sync to your XBL cloud storage before you shut the 360 off for good though.

The BL2 ones are a little bit different, since you had to transfer them using the in-game menu and then download them on the XB1 individually, meaning you had to have both the 360 and the XB1 at the same time to make them playable using the Handsome Collection version of the game.

It’s true, I did have then both on at the same time to do the transfer. I booted up BL-1 on my ONE, and played until the Kill 5 Skags and Buy a Shield missions were completed.

In the Main Menu for 1, there was no option to load other characters. As there is when I play BL-2 on THC with my Toons from the BL-2 days.

Son how can I get my BL-1 Toons to show up as playable characters on my ONE when I play BL-1?

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Just firing my copy up on the XB1 now…

  1. Sign in and launch game
  2. Hit start button (or whatever it’s called now) at the splash screen
  3. At main menu, select Single Player (or other mode)
  4. Game should retrieve your saves and display them in a list
  5. Select character and play!

Note that it is really important to sign in before launching the game. If you launch the game and then sign in on the XB1, the virtual 360 will not get updated with that information and you’ll be stuck as a totally new player with no live connection.

Hope that solves your problem!

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I tried as suggested, but no luck. I sign in. I start up BL-1 while the splash screen is loading, a window pops up saying “Cloud Sync…” then it’s gone.

I went to the XBOX One page to the help section. It says: go to Settings/System/Storage/Cloud Saved Games/Enable.

But, When I try to do that. That Option: /Cloud Saved Games/Enable isn’t available as a option.

Plus, just loading up BL-1 and hitting Single Player doesn’t give me the option to load any other Toons than the one I started with a few days ago.

All of my Achievements and Gamer Score for BL-1 show up when I go to the Gamer Hub from the One Home Page.

Maybe I need to Enable Cloud Service with my ONE? My old BL-2 Toons are playable with THC.

Maybe that pop up saying “Cloud Sync…” finishes with Unavailable, or Not Enabled.

Do I need an App to play my saved BL-1 Toons?

I’m stuck.

Not sure - I still have my 360 (right alongside the XB1). I do remember having to set up cloud sync on the 360 first, then move the saves into the cloud sync folder. I moved another save last night, and I noticed a message saying that if I close the storage window before it was done, syncing would be delayed until later. That seems to imply that it’s possible to not be fully synced. Did you ever make backups of your 360 saves on USB?