3D Miko Kunai (may print later)

Lunch crunch cuz I aint gots no lunch today so I whipped up a quick Kunai and may print it to be a pendant to hang from my car mirror along side my Titanfall pendant prints


Nice. Is that 3dsMax? I’ve been meaning to start 3D printing some stuff from BB.

Yeah it’s 3DS Max. I’ve been thinking about printing some stuff from BB as well. I’ve modeled an Orendi concept and I’ve modeled most of Isic.

Nice. I’ve a mind to model Reyna’s pistol, print it, and then make a mould of it and cast it in aluminium. When I have a few spare weeks.

you can always pop it up on shapeways and print it straight out as aluminum. I’ve done that with some borderlands coins and they look nice

Eh - if I’m honest, I’d prefer to cast it rather than directly print the metal. The Shapeways website is cool, but it’s a bit expensive and I’d rather do the work myself.

welp I’m dumb lol, they actually make a wax mold and then pour the metals into the mold as normal but I totally get what you mean. I’ve always wanted to smelt some aluminum and fill a custom mold.