3d print Vaygr BC

I probably posted this before… but I got it back out to start sanding again. Got to get it smooth so when I mold-cast the replicas come out puuuurty.

Then I can assemble my own FLEET of Vaygr Battle Cruisers! Muahahahaha

This thing is about the same size as the Mothership that came with the HWRM game.



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It should be, a talented 3d artist painstakingly(thank you @Pouk) turned all the model textures to actual 3d relief on the 3d print… THAT had to be time consuming!

That is why he is getting the 2nd copy that comes off the assembly line! I am painting mine Vaygr Red, will be curious to see what you do with yours!


That makes two of us. My days of plastic modelling happened “way” in the past.

OHMYGWAD! :astonished:


Pouk did a good job in 3ds raising the relief on that model. Cost me a pretty penny to have the whole thing printed… but hey, you only live once!

Very cool! You could go into business printing out the entire HW fleet… with some negotiations with GBX of course.


Apologies for interjecting here…
@Pouk gets the 3rd copy. :grin:


So what color are you going to paint yours? I KNOW it is not going to be pink!

Maybe gunmetal gray with some black, with scruffs and scratches; so that it looks like a real metal ship that has actually been through a fight. :+1:


First post in a VERY long time!

  • First - A+++ job guys! @Pouk, that must have been a VERY slow process. I wanted to do that for the Hgn BC - as I was planning to print a 24-inch version with working lights - but everyone I asked about burning the normals into the mesh seemed to suggest it was a suicide run…
  • Second - @b8factor, Do you have the input file for this? I’ve got access to MANY 3d printers - I’d love to print one (or ten) out for the office! Back when HWRM was still in dev I actually had a bunch of ships printed. I’m not legally allowed to share the assets (trust me, we tried, long story) - but I used Shapeways, and had a bunch of different materials done… it was great. The Taiidan Destroyer was by far my favorite. Might even be to similar scale as your print!

You are alive! :slight_smile: Welcome!

Not as slow as the time he takes with it. It’s from 2012. :smiley:

Some bonus pics:

And this one is just cool because it looks like something from the monitor screen of the Alien movie:


Heyyyy, you are alive ! :slight_smile: So glad to see you posting here again :smiley:

It’s a holiday here, and while I’ll be working 4 days of the 5 day break (because I had no plans, and really do just want to get stuff done) - I figured I could pop in…

@Pouk - Can you share that pre-print mesh with me?


to be fair you did pop off the grid for half a year… then when i tracked you down on some obscure forum and you finished the last 4 pieces… hehe so yeah I had to move on to another project and it has taken a lot to get back into this one. Married, new house, moving, new job, HWRM single player mission, cam actions fun, and we got hooked on CSGO for half a year… lots of things getting in the way!

As long as it takes to etch the 3d relief in 3ds, takes even longer to prep it for mold/casting with all the sanding. I did not want just a single 3d print, I wanted to make copies so I could toy with many version to experiment with lights and other effects, painting, and mounting.


Artists… pfff they have their own “measurement” of time… hehe KIDDING!

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I have the pre-3d print files… but there are in 9 parts because I wanted to mold/cast. I bartered with Pouk to add the 3d relief (would have taken me even longer to learn 3ds on top of all the other technology) in return for my giving him one of the casts.

I used https://moddler.com/ for my prints. I DON’T have access to all kinds of printers so I had to do it the old fashion way… pay for it. At that time, 2012, the printers that could do high accuracy, (.0006″ or .016mm)… are way out of my price range (100s of K) but I am not sure what the private market offers now in 2016… it changes so fast!

They fit together like a plastic model. I would be happy to share them, but want to “try” to get mine done first… I did put 5000.00 US into the personal project to make one… each piece was 3-4 hundred to print and the mold bell and air pump and all the misc supplies (and learning how to use them all)… lights for nav lights and fluctuating red light that is normally for model home fire places, I believe will work well for a thrust-er light.

I have translucent material to cast in, solid material as well… I was going to play around to get all the parts done to get the best looking final product to hang on my trophy case!

Since I finished the single player mission my goal is to get the 3d prints mold/cast and I wanted to offer a finished model (unpainted) to a winner in a competition based on the results of the completion of the single player mission but I am still working out the logistics on how to do so fairly while also monitoring cheating, lol.

Anyway long story short, I do not mind sharing at all… of course I have no rights to them, but as far as the work I put into to date I want to try to produce my own “deliverable” before I start sharing if that makes any sense at all?

PS the Hiigaran BC is also in my sights… so many desires, so little time! I want to do more missions too… ugh!

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No stress… You’ll get it done. I’m in no rush myself - otherwise the Hgn BC would be done already. I imagine that if I spend time screwing around with 3d printing and not working on bugs/patch updates I’ll incite a riot :wink:

I’ve got access to printers due to various Gearbox people owning a handful, as well as the local Maker-space. Indeed if I wanted to dupe them I’d have to worry about building a mold too (something the producer of HW:RM is VERY very good at, oddly) - he actually wanted me to do a mold for the ships I did a few years ago via Shapeways… We just never got around to it, doh!


in today’s fast paced world… this is so common, haha. And the story of my life!