3D Wooden Kelvin Skin + creation video (3D Viewer included)

MODS: If you don’t want me to post this please let me know. I’m not too sure what the rules are on things like this since the models were previously ripped and displayed and everything seems to be cool. Also, I’d like to pop it up onto sketchfab for people to view if that’s ok. It’s not my model so I totally understand if that’s not cool.

I saw a post by @reliikki in the “Design your own Skin - the complete Fanmade Skin design Section” thread and I loved the concept of a wooden Kelvin so I decided to take an hour or so and see what I could whip up.

I recorded my workflow so you can see how it came to be, I’ll upload that video once Handbrake is done compressing it.

Here are some screenshots for now



FFS why are so many BB fans so freakin’ talented?

Love it, LOVE IT!

Great job.

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Thanks :smiley:
I may do more if the mods are cool with it. I’m not sure how they feel about other artists making skins.

Dude, of course it’s alright. Creating Skins and stuff is fine. There is no regulation on how awesome one person can be! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. They seem to be very supportive of the community’s zeal for battleborn fanart, cosplay, and any other creative expression!

There’s nothing wrong with this. People made some neat custom skins in BL2 as well. No one gave them grief over it.

But this is really spiffy. I bet @JoeKGBX wouldn’t mind taking a gander.

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Oh my god!!! You don’t know how happy it made me to see this in 3D! This is SO cool!


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glad you like it :smiley:

Updated with Sketchfab for 3D viewing

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