3DD1.E Drops.... What are you vault hunters getting

Just curious if anyone has had the 3DD1.E drop legendary… I have only had it drop green weapons and I guess it probably wont drop a legendary… but then again I just got it yesterday from a vending machine… so hasn’t got much use yet…

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ummm whaaaaaaat? eddie drops health ammo and money. never seen him drop weapons and ive used him exclusively for a loooong time

Yup… dropped a torque rifle… completely surprised me…

Whaaaaat?!?! u sure it was eddie? imma have to pay closer attention now

Yup… I got in in a vending machine right before RedBelly. Pissed my friend off ( I didn’t know she was about to grab it). So while leaving Crisis Scar (?) I sniped a scav and then there it was next to me. It supposed to drop a care package after a kill, and it did drop money and health before that. Well, I will be back on it in a couple of hours. This was in UVHM.

I’m pretty sure the OP means farming Cl4p-L3K for the 3dd1.e, and only getting greens. I’ve found more 3dd1.es in vendors than from the Cl4P too, just for the record.

yes ive gotten the eddie to drop from that claptrap that fights eghood. Both times i got it to drop from him. It took me a pretty long time of farming him before he dropped it. second time it took me maybe 4 hours before he dropped it

I’ve never had the 3dd1.e drop any weapon, just health and ammo.

Now I’ve seen weapons in that drop, but that had to be just chance and they had to have come form another source and just happened to be mixed in. I am about 99% sure of that.

I’ll bet that legendary dropped from a scav kill, and just happened to have ended up right next to you.

i have an 3DD1.E Oz kit also, but I got mine from a vending machine, and this was a little after I found out that Cl4p-L3K drops it. And I usually don’t kill him, but maybe I should fix that on my UVHM playthrough one day.

And I find it to be very useful in fighting the Empyrean Sentinel (regular & invincible) and Iwajira considering that it shocks enemies and repairs my shields whenever possible. Never gave its care-packages a second thought because I never get weapons from them. I do get a lot of $1 bills though lol.

I’ve gotten at least 4 of those awesome 3DD1.3s across my characters, all from vendors–never as a drop from anyone. Once I get it, that’s all I’ll use. It’s too good for anything else to make up for it with other bonuses.

I’ve never seen it drop weapons, only consumables. OP may have gotten that weapon dropped by something else, and in the heat of battle didn’t notice. It’s all I can think of. Well, he might have gotten trolled in coop too. :stuck_out_tongue:

@cobra951 i think you might be right.

I think you might be right too. I played for about three hours and nothing but money and health…

It keeps on dropping health, cash and ammo for me, which is pretty much all I need when playing as Nisha.

I’ve never gotten a 3DD1.E from CL4P-L3K. I’ve gotten a couple from Vendorius and a couple from Grindorius though.

same here it took a long time and on the positive did buy me a level in uvhm

yea well that claptrap you fight, i forget his exact name. During that extermination mission for mister tassiter. If u choose to trap him and not klill him. He does drop the 3dd1e

I just bought one for Frag-trap yesterday, my 5th 3DD1.3 from a vendor, if memory serves. I don’t need to swap in that silly Bro-trap COM for its health regen anymore.

I’ve trapped that robot and killed him, and never got an 3dd1.e to drop from him.

VMs are the only way I’ve got an 3dd1.e.

I have 6 Eddies all from the Claplek. It only drops consumables.