3GO-TP trophies localization bug

I can’t see the objetives and complete the missions. Firstly I ignored the mission and its marked objetives, I just found a few trophies accidentally. After that, I tried to get the remaning tropies but seems that it gets bugged if you don’t follow the established order.


PS: sorry if the explanation seems weird, english is not my first language.

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Actually i’ve got something similar bug with my character. I finished the DLC in all three playthroughs, completed this quest twice, but it’s totally bugged for me in TVHM. I’ve got 0/5 trophies, and once i reach “Motherlessboard” - there is no marked location for any of the trophies - i also checked their place, nothing there, totally vanished.
Not sure how to fix this problem, it bothers me, that this is the only quest remaining in TVHM for me.
An abaddon quest button would be awesome after 3 borderlands so far ( so you can later accept it again from the designed NPC ) - but well i think we just have to wait for some kind of fix, hope more ppl get this, so they will actually fix it for us.

I’ve got the exact same problem but on the PS3 in UVHM. I’ve tried various things such as doing different missions first and saving and quits, entering Motherlessboard from other areas but no luck :(. I manage to complete this mission in both Normal Mode and TVHM without issue but for some reason in UVHM it’s totally bugged out and can’t be completed.

UPDATE 1: I managed to fix the problem :smile:. The key is to have this mission open then find someone online that hasn’t done it yet but ensure you pick up all the trophies and be the one that hands it in. Now I did it in Splitscreen on my PS3 but it should work in online Co-Op on the PC :smile:

UPDATE 2: It turns out that it was only a temp fix as I reset my Playthrough last night just for fun, speed ran the DLC back to the point where this mission became available and it’s glitched again :frowning:. There is zero point anyone even attempting this mission whilst it’s so buggy so please Gearbox/2K, fix this bug.

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I’m having the same thing with UVHM Doppelganger, it was fine when doing it in UVHM with Clappy. Bit irritating

I’ve just run into someone in an online game that’s got this exact same problem on UVHM, only they were playing as Claptrap. This bug is becoming far more widespread now so with luck it shouldn’t be too long before Gearbox/2K have to recognise that this problem exists and fixes it :smile: .

Yeah I’m seeing this on PS3, before and after an UVHM reset. It would show the waypoint telling me to go to Motherless Board, but once there I wouldn’t have any waypoints for the trophies at all.

I’ve gotten three of the five trophies but am now having this bug as well. I was running through the missions on TVHM for the sake of completion, and had no issues with this quest on Normal or UVHM but for some reason I’m running into this problem now. I’m playing on PC.


Just ran into this same problem.

I hace a mac and I am having the same problem in utvh.

I have this same problem on UVHM for Xbox One. I am playing as Wilhelm and I have 2 out of 5 trophies but the other 3 simply aren’t there. This is extremely annoying especially because you can’t do the SUP4-3GO-TP mission until this one is complete.

Exact same problem. Aurelia UVHM, 0/5 progress, no location markers. I’m on linux. Since I have played this with other chars (Jack and Athena), I know the locations, but the trophies are not there. Pretty annoying.

Same problem - Jack char that did it ok normal and tvhm. But on UVHM play of DLC, I get the quest but shown no location markers. When I go to where the trophies should be to pickup since i have the locations memorized anyways, no trophies.

So the minor bug is no location markers. The real bug is without the markers the trophies to pickup don’t apparently spawn. Leaving quest unable to be abandoned to completed.

As others, I’ve tried other mission order, entering map direction, and hard resets to no avail. Odd this only affected my Jack in UVHM - no issues in normal or tvhm.

Same problem on UVHM with Athena xbox one. 3go-TP trophies do not appear as mission Objects. BOO! FIX PLEASE? !

This sums up my experiences with this mission.
The first time I unlocked this it worked fine (I have only played this DLC on UVHM), however after resetting UVHM it no longer functions.
The same happened with the DLC side mission Rose Tinted (When you need to destroy the 6 turrets and 15 minions, no turrets spawned while only 6 minions appeared) until I ended the session and went back to P4ND0R4 with a 3rd player (every time I play side missions in a Borderlands game I’m playing co-op with my girlfriend.).

Still not fixed with latest and more than likely last patch LOL

Same problem here. 3GO-TP worked fine in normal and TVHM, but it is hopelessly broken in UVHM - I have tried everything. I assume that the inability of completing that mission breaks other missions further on, like 5UP4-3GO-TP, which has not shown up as an available mission.

Same problem here; I tried joining someones game and it still didn’t work. It’s a shame that this went completely unpatched; and the post was a day after the DLC released. Completely unacceptable.

Quest worked in TVHM and Normal but UVHM. I reset the game twice trying to get it to work. No dice.

I’m having the same problem as Nisha in UVHM. Looks like this is bugged regardless of platform.

I stumbled on this problem playing as Wilhelm in UVHM on PS3.

I got the waypoint at the entrance to the Motherless board, but none showing the locations.

I ran into this bug playing as Wilhelm. Is there any hope for a fix?