3rd crash in 24 hours, 2nd crash in 5 minutes

No idea what is going on. I have been farming slaughter shaft. Nothing out of the ordinary and then it crashes. The game window gets stuck on my screen and I can’t click off of it. I do some tech wizardry to get to my desktop. An error message pops up for BL3 and my computer blue screens. I chalk it up to my computer.

A few minutes ago I boot up the game for the first time today. Game loads in. Not even 10 enemies into slaughter shaft and game seizes up and crashes. I get another error message. The game window is stuck on the screen. More tech wizardry. The game restarts. Now I have two BL3 windows open. Just after the creepy Gearbox voice line, the game crashes again. Restarted computer.

No Borderlands for me today.