3rd person view - a possible future update

I always like the 3rd person view over 1sr person since you can look at you character rather than looking at his hand.
It will be also awesome to finally be able to see what you’re slashing as a melee character.

So are there any future updates for it ?
just asking since the "The Dev Talk - Ask everything here, to keep it all together May " topic was closed.
hope some Dev will answer .

I hope not. It’s a first person game and that’s what I like about it.

I like the restricted angle of vision, that you can be attacked from behind without seeing it the moment it happens and that you usually can’t peek around corners without making yourself a target.

A third person view would be a severe balance problem and anyone not using it would be at a disadvantage.


This was asked a lot in the past it’s not something planned for this game.

plz no, This is what ruins a genre of Battle Royal games! Raid one house, then stand behind a tree and corner peak to kill the last person.

lol why are you getting so upset if they ADDED (not replace) 3rd first ?

if you like the 1st person view because of that “reason” , then don’t change your settings from 1st to 3rd.
simply said

Its not like I said “make it like OW” or something along the lines.

Also, it adds more to the game .
hack and slash players will love to play 3rd person with melee characters.

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Because it’s putting me in a disadvantage, e.g., a CC support assassin like Rath playing in first person is heavily gimped compared to a Rath playing in third person. Someone playing in first person who is not able to safely peek around a corner or over a small wall without, e.g., self stunning them by hitting recall will be put in a disadvantage.

A third person camera would make part of the cast that doestn’t require too much precise vertical aiming (Orendi most of the time, Rath, Kelvin, Boldur, …) stronger and would basically take some other characters completely out of the game. Having a “wider FOV” through third person is too much of an advantage to consider first person an option in that case.


I think this is the main reason why 3rd-person view is no thing in BB.
The game is not ment for it and large parts of the cast are not ment for it either - almost every character with a gun is played as “classic” 1st-person-shooter and the gameplay of these chars would change drastically, if it would not even destroy the gameplay of some chars completely.

Here a list of characters which are, in my opinion, made to be played in 1st-person-perspective:

-Deande (fans)

Some of these are debatable, like Ernest or Montana. But Marquis in 3rd-person? The sniping-part would be no more. While a few of these characters might get away with a mild change in style, others would be needed to get changed beyond recognition.

And the general feeling would be largely different, as example take the difference between a modded MassEffect3 in 1st-person-mode and MassEffect in 3rd-person-mode.


I think that if Gearbox wanted it to be a third-person shooter, they would have made it that way.

They built the game with first-person as part of the core design. Adding it in isn’t as simple or as desirable as it sounds, probably.


I want a 2nd person view. Where ya can only see yer character through the eyes of the other characters.


I couldn’t possibly be against having a 3rd person view, given that would result in an increased amount of Mellka visible onscreen :smirk:


Attikus kinda already has 3rd person view :wink:

I’m not a fan of it by the way.


4th person view, where you see your character from the future or any other given point in time?


What about a 5th person view? Now you can see dead people

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6th person view! I believe in spirits…
They’re hunting us in video games, I tell ya!

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And no it doen’t . its your assumption of ehat you think is going to happen.

Firstly , its a MOBA, you can literally see enemy on your small HUD map.

2nd, melee types won’t get an “insane” buffjust because they could see clearly.

You’re really paranoid , are you ?

So I get it , most players (in the forums) think it would be a “disaster” because it will “somehow” ruin competitive play.

Shesh , never seen so many paranoid users over a simple feature.

Go play GTA online.
Which is easier to do well. First person or third?

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Apples to Oranges comparison there mate. Two completely different games (because I find third person easier in that game).

@ozcomingfroo It isn’t a case of us being paranoid, it’s that most of us feel like it wouldn’t work with how the game is set up. The devs have a hard enough time as is with… whatever they have planned (again, throw as a friggin’ bone guys), but something like this would mean they’d probably have to rebuild the game’s mechanics from the ground up.

Plus, the whole corner peeking thing would ruin how certain characters work, and simply having an option to switch between the two would give some player’s an advantage over others, depending on which mode you chose.

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It’s not apples to oranges.

Third person is easier to use in every game and would force everyone to use third person mode.


I don’t agree with that. Just because it’s easier to use in one game, doesn’t mean it’s easier in another. I mean, why don’t CoD or BF do it if that’s the case?