3rd person View

I wonder if there will be an option to activate this?! I know many player love 3rd person view.

In my opinion this decision should be in a player`s hand. Whatever he likes best.

I prefer 3rd person on Melees and Ego for Ranged. It is important for a melee to see whether another melee is behind him or not. And it looks better somehow. I also had some trouble in BB when playing melee to see whether im close enough to a minion/hero or not…

some ultimates, like attikus’s and deande’s, take 3rd person perspective; but i do believe by design bb is predominantly an fps

If third person was optional no one saw a reason to stick to first person, third person would give a unfair advantage.

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I know… but as I said… The dicision should be in player hands

Where would you say is the advantage in 3rd person for the ranged chars?
I think Gearbox shoukd st least test this… They might catch many more people for their game with this option. And I honestly dont think that this will unbalance the game

In third person you can peak around corners while your characters is still hiding, which is an unfair advantage for those who dont prefer first person.


Already a thread about this guys…

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True… havent thought about this… But I think you can fix this by changing the angle of a player´s view whos hiding behind a corner… so the angle will only allow him to look around the corner, when he steps around the corner… But I dont know if this is possible due to programming limitations…

Yup, as mentioned above, that existing thread has input from the devs. Please contribute there. Thanks.