3rd upgrade healing stations

hiya everybody,
i really should know this by now because im in the 100’s with my CR, but what is the difference between the 2nd and 3rd upgrades for healing stations?

A level three station is harder to kill.


Doesn’t it also have a higher Health Regen rate as well?

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No but its aoe increases.

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The healing also lasts light if I recall correctly


U know what sucks? Heal recive doesnt work with healing stations.

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Because it doesn’t work on Health regen, but I see your point :confused:

It used to work :c

Did it? Never noticed! :sweat_smile:

The radius is increased, and it seems that the amount of time you gain a healing boost is lengthened. But that’s probably just the range making it seem like you’re getting a longer buff. Maybe it really is both, I don’t know.

It has a lasting effect, yes. Or at the very least it acts like Kleese’s beam or Ambra’s main, you have to be close to start it but can wander out of range.

I think it also does something for shields, too. Doesn’t it trigger shield Regen?


Thanks for that.

Also I don’t think it affects shields. The Synchro-Link legendary provides -shield delay and +shield recharge when affected by buildables though (not including turrets and elite bots)