3RROR Cmdl3t current situation

Although they tried to fix, it never had the best design (I mean… its related to FL4Ks purple tree after all).

Whats the current situation about:

  • Keep them safe rolls. Does it only go up to +3 still?
  • Pet attacking FL4K, I know they disabled the red text effect (20% chance to automatically attack that enemy and use it’s attack command) instead of fixing the part that the pet attacks the owner. Does the class mod effect even works as it should?

Yes and yes to both questions.

At least the Attack command effect is apparently working
I tried testing but this game is kinda all over the place for my slow paced gameplay lol

The 3rror Cmdl3t would be a fantastic pet com if it had the skill rolls from the Roll Reversal com (Eager to Impress, Throatripper, Monkey Do). Ok, maybe swap Eager to Impress for Sic 'Em. Not quite sure how to fix the Roll Reversal. That com is just pretty eh once you realise the Peregrine exists.

Fl4k is in the strange and unique position that most of his best coms are in the base game while nearly all DLC ones suck. Stackbot and Peregrine would be the exceptions, but I don’t know anyone who uses the Trainer, 3rror Cmdl3t or the Roll Reversal. And the Trainer even became worse when Dominance was buffed. It wasn’t good before that and there’s honestly no reason to use it now.

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The roll reversal is great for the Nade Away setup found in the FL4K community build doc:

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How so? At least proccing Dominance isn’t a meme anymore. The COM is still pretty dumpster, but I don’t see how it’s worse than before the Dominance buff.

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I use them… question about them or general complaint about the state of affairs here?

Getting the effect is even easier now (as easy as getting a crit with FL4K) so having a com whose whole purpose is to give you that makes the com redundant, no? Maybe it got significantly better when the Trapper tree came along and made pet builds so much more powerful.

The problem goes beyond the coms IMO
FL4K got the most well defined gameplay aspects out of the 4 since release, and still excelled at most of said aspects because of how well designed the VH is.

Unfortunately Gearbox had to chose between making FL4K even more consistent or create new gameplay niches so the players would still engage and not overpower the rest of the VHs with the subsequent content additions, that brings tons of issues:

Issue 1: FL4K has been most balanced for a while and thats not a good thing given how powercreep took over after said balance. All VHs being buffed and FL4K in that limbo between consistent design and lack of OP buffs;
Issue 2: Purple tree goes everywhere and defines only niches, making it weak and uninteresting for most builds as a whole;
Issue 3: Tons of bugs to fix in all trees making fl4k not as consistent as idealized (frustrating in the long run, because the potential is there);
Issue 4: Purple tree awkward situation. IMO Gearbox focused on the complaits about FL4k lack of survivability (which is part of the design so no need to fix and we got blue tree) and Zane lack of damage (which they tried to mitigate with seein dead but wasnt enough) and exchanged both purple trees for a quick fix. Zane literally got a FL4k tree (crit, aiming, burst, stacking damage and the AS is a robot augment, like every FL4K AS) while FL4k got a repurposed Zane tree (QoL buffs, resource management w/shields, the AS is a gadget like every other Zane AS). Shady stuff IMO.

Thats why the COMs go nowhere as a whole and look extremely random
(Sorry for the huge text, I will be forever pressed at gearbox focusing on shenanigans like gravity snare instead of actually improve the best traits of the VHs)


I understand that, but Dominance being easier to proc from FL4K doesn’t make the Trainer worse per se. It’s not like getting pet kills was easier than melee before purple tree, you could just use a Facepuncher for fairly consistent Dominance procs. The problem with the COM was both the condition to proc the effect (pet kill over pet damage) and the fact that Dominance sucked massive donkey bullocks. Now that Dominance doesn’t suck, and purple tree makes pet kills a bit more feasible, it’s not as dumpster. Way better than Cmdl3t for certain.