3x drop rate PERMANENT increase FTW

So farming the same boss for several hours just to get a single underleveled Legendary with crappy parts is somehow less boring?

You appear to overestimate how much 10% pays out.


No it’s not because when you get the legendary whatever it is, the feeling is so much greater

That feeling is already much weaker because of assigned drops. You know you’ll get what you want eventually. Random Legendaries out of nowhere are something else.

However, is it really that great of a feeling to get a head which for some reason counts as a Legendary?
You will still farm a lot if you want that super-special-awesomely parted gun, it just won’t feel as much of torture anymore.

I mean, I understand what you’re saying but it still can take a while for that whatever-it-is to drop. I killed Hyperius 50 times with these rates and only got a Shredifier to show for it on my first kill. After that, 49 kills of nothing (and I one shot him in Normal mode just to test how the rates feel).

There are however some people who really do just get annoyed way too quickly, that I can agree with.


I just want to appeal to the middle ground I.e. a 1.5x increase so casual players get sufficient legendaries and more hardcore players still enjoy the grind for the loot they want.

I agree that world drops are fun to get but even better when they are less common because when I get something faster, my reaction is alway “oh, they increased the drops, i’m not surprised this randomly dropped” when before I used to get 1 a week as a world drop and I used to be like “OMG what the hell is this…how did this?” and freak out because it was such a great occasion and I always used to screenshot legendaries due to their extreme rarity and the joy I felt when they dropped

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I went through my first two play throughs and only saw 2 Oranges. I dont count the impaler. I think it blows.

As long as you keep leveling, your oranges need replacing.

Many people also don’t want to do OP levels because you have to refarm all your equipment each time.

People Gib because they’re tired of getting the bone from Bunker.

1.5? Sure, I’d go along with that too. But I don’t think it breaks the game.


1/20 or a 5% chance doesn’t seem to bad but I still feel it is too much of a gamble. The biggest problem however was that the original rate simply wasn’t true for a large amount of farmable bosses.
Even someone like Captain Flynt would drop two “Legendary” items which caused the drop rate of the Thunderball Fists to actually be 1/60 or 1.6667~% instead of 1/30 which is just terrible.
That makes single drop bosses too rewarding, more or less, while multidrop bosses become too frustrating (especially BNK-3R and Saturn and ESPECIALLY the Warrior, the original Vermivorous and Terramorphous).


While I’m happy to hear that legendary drop will increase, I get the feeling that a bigger balance issue in Borderlands 2 is ignored. I’m talking about the Vending machines selling crap and crap only, so money doesn’t mean ■■■■. As I read at Steam, The Pre-Sequel is much better in that aspect (even ignoring the Grinder), so it wouldn’t hurt or be too difficult to use those rarity modifiers in the vendors and adapt them for Borderlands 2.

Since this has happend I have been farming Bunker and I have gotten a Shreddifier, Slagga, Gunerang, and 4 Shams. One of the kills was a double drop Which i got a Sham and Gunerang. My goal is to get a pearl from him. :smiley:

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This new set of whiners is definitely overestimating, or just having insanely good luck. If you roll a d10, you are FAR more likely to get any number other than the one you a rolling for, almost ten times as likely in fact.

I’ve been back at the Bunker and he hasn’t dropped a thing all day. I farmed Lee all weekend to get a DP drop, and it was still one-level-under.

10% is NOT too high by any reasonable measure.

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I’ve been farming Bunk for a minute today. 1 Bitch is all I have to show for it.

Of course they do this when i have basically committed to Borderlands 1. But yeah this is in every way a good thing. Idk about the rest of you but prefix, level, and parts matter to me (probably too much) just simply getting a legendary drop quickly became meh. This betters the chances of getting the exact, or close enough item you are looking for.

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Fully agree that the reactions to increased drop rates are completely exaggerated. Getting Legendaries has still been an extremely rare occurrence, at least for me.

This talk of “hardcore” players wanting rare drops and feeling cheated and the increased drop rates only being suitable for casual players is nonsense. What constitutes a “hardcore” player anyway? I have some 2.5K hours in the game - I’d say that qualifies me as being fairly hardcore, and I absolutely HATE farming. For me, assigning specific loot to individual bosses and basically forcing players to go there if they want certain items is the single worst thing GBX has ever done to the franchise. Give me world drops every day of the week. In this BL1 was infinitely superior to BL2.

But I accept GBX hasn’t made the game just for me and that there are individuals who are inexplicably drawn to the mechanic of repeating the same kill ad infinitum just to get a specific bit of loot. I’ll never really understand that. But at last GBX has recognised that there are others for whom the experience is akin to a trip to the dentist and it’s unfair to make them suffer through the experience more than is necessary. So increased drop rates can also allow players like me to enjoy things a little bit more. What would be the icing on the cake for me would be if they increased World drops so that you could actually enjoy the weapons in-game, as they were originally designed to, instead of waiting until end game to stick them on your virtual trophy wall.

So for all those complaining that drops are now too easy, recognise that there are others who want to enjoy actually playing the game and that they should be taken into account, too. As a player who avoids farming wherever possible, drops are still very rare for me and any action that will let me actually experience these Legendaries playing normally should be applauded. And that’s true for both hardcore and casual players.

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