4 Boldur Challenges in 1 Mission

Hi guys, for anyone wanting to finish off some quick lore challenges.

So I tried Boldur tonight and the first thing I usually do is check the lore challenges before diving in. I managed to knock off 4 of them in 1 mission (while nearly levelling his character rank to 5 as well)

Jump on the Algorithm, and for the first part, just try to get some rage kills as well as blocking some damage as necessary. Open as many chests as you can to try and find a helix point or two (hopefully you are level 5 by the time you meet henchmen.) Once you fight him/them, use your rune powered axe toss to take them out while blocking damage in between cool downs, this should have the axe toss challenge almost complete. If not, use it on the elite bot coming up to finish it off.

Once you get to Geoff, damage him until he goes inside (the second time is better) and simply sit there and absorb his bullets until the two shield challenges are complete (leaving enemies alive here helps it complete faster.) There’s 3/5 down.

For the remaining rage kills, get to the part with the big swarmers (they thaw out once you destroy the shards after Geoff.) There should be two of them, get them both below 1/2 health and they will spawn 5-6 babies every few seconds you are near them, it takes a while but farm away until you reach 1000 and you’re done!

Hope this helps anyone trying to fast track getting lore challenges done, took me about 80 minutes all up to finish the whole mission and now I get to look forward to trying to find an Eldrid only team to show up to play with…


That’s a very helpful. Thank you so much!

Also, I don’t know why, but I laughed hard at “and they will spawn 5-6 babies” xD

If you’re on Steam, I can help you with the remaining lore challenge. I can get you in a group of 4 other Eldrids.