4 DLC Characters

Previously, the game was Borderlands Online, but it did not come out, but what if these 4 characters are reworked, changed in appearance and presented as dlc characters?

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This is the first I’ve heard of BL Online. Interesting. When was this a thing?

Omg that’s Siren.

That’d be a boring way to add new characters. I think Gearbox can come up with something way more creative than 2 generic males and 2 generic females.


Was with 2K China and meant to be an MMO. I don’t believe we’ll see these characters in action… like, ever. I’m faily certain the game was canceled back in 2015 before it finished development.

Also, I doubt we’ll see a Siren as a DLC character. That would DESTROY lore they could (and WOULD) want for this game. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “hired mob muscle” type character that dresses with pizzazz, but IDK.

This game was never going to be a part of the main series canon. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it was never meant to be available outside of China. I think Gearbox had nothing to do with it, it was all 2K and chinese developers. There’s actually gameplay of it on YouTube and it’s just a very cheap mishmash of elements from the real Borderlands games put together with very little rhyme or reason. It actually has the feel of a bootleg game, lol.

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Well the character on the right we could just call a survivor from the bandits in BL2 that were capturing women then drawing tattoos on them and sending them to Jack saying they were sirens. Apparently at least most of them were dead because he complained about his office smelling like blood and fumes. I mean with the stuff we seen in the BL series I’m pretty sure they can make a truly permanent marker. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah I remember briefly hearing about a company in China making a BL MMO and those I think were the base templates before characters messed with customization options. They’d at least gotten to a playable alpha or beta stage because I do remember seeing a gameplay vid of someone starting it and making a character.