4 more levels, what will you do?

The borderlands show has shown there are 4 more levels coming.
Farmin time, again.

We can get 2 caps now
im thinking a Fl4k with the power inside and megavore

hope MH 2.0 Is everything

We will be starting to play the game again actually. We got time cause quarantine and im quite positive about the DLC. Even tho I support mayhem 2.0 I am really afraid they could rush it. More communication and actually showcasing the mods would be nice…
Thus, they really could miss the point again because fun mods is not what everyone likes all the time, so we actually should be able to toggle the fun mods in and out.


with my current moze, i wont even have 2 cap stones
RoS capstone is still useless and i am still playing a 1 hp build with SF
so i will just go down the green tree a bit more and get some small buffs

I already did it: uninstall. I can’t stand this spoon-fed garbage.
All the talk about tipping streamers also left a bad taste. I couldn’t even finish watching the stream before I turned on my console and deleted.


Yeah, it was very bad.


No farming for the next two days. :laughing:

I will probably start with switching back to my main, Amara, with a new build that hits both Avatar and Forceful Expression.

I need to understand more about how weapon levels are being handled with Mayhem 2.0.

The first thing to do of course will be to play through the new DLC.

People are already tipping streamers. This just allows for a more interactive approach. I think it’s OK, as it’s not a requirement to view the stream. It might encourage more players to tip, but I don’t feel it’s a heavy-handed move.

The level increase feels too soon for me. I just cleared out and replaced all of my lvl 50 items, minus a few that are just too good (and rare) to toss. I wish they had just given us the 7 levels last month, instead of spreading it over two. I know that farming is the name of the game, but I had hoped to enjoy my level 53 gear for a few more month. That is, I wanted to fully explore the last and next DLC before having to worry about gear.

But now, I’ll actually spend less time farming, as I don’t want to have to replace the gear for 8 characters (which is a lot more than just the 8x8 items that are equipped at any one time). Especially if we could see another level cap increase for the Raid boss or new Takedown, or DLC 3 and 4. I hope they address the drop rates for some of the “dedicated” drop sources.


From what they said, it’s going to work like in BL2, if you’re playing in Mayhem 3, you’re going to get a lvl 57 mayhem 3 gun, so, we’ll need to farm in lower mayhem levels to get to mayhem 10.

I didn’t play BL2 so that’s probably why I’m confused. So items will now have a Mayhem level on them as well as the current level requirement?

It’s not a requirement, but it is developer effort put in to a feature that doesn’t benefit more than a handful of people. It was also hyped on the concept of garbage like having your name show up in the stream. It’s all a very shallow effort to convince people it’s worth their time to give up actual money. I wonder what kind of kickback they get from sending traffic to Twitch.
I wouldn’t call it heavy handed either. Shady and distasteful are better descriptions.


Since I’m playing Clone&Drone Zane and Seein’ Dead makes Seein’ Red kind of obsolete, probably just gonna down the green tree a bit, maybe re-spec and see if I can get a few points into Brainfreeze.

right, the items, dropping in a specific difficulty will have a difficulty level from 1 to 10, increasing in power

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Yes, a mayhem 3 level 57 gun is going to have more damage that a level 57 gun, and a mayhem 10 level 57 gun is going to have a lot more damage that the mayhem 3 level 57 gun.

I’m excited about the new level cap and the new DLC, but knowing that my gear is going to be useless the next month it’s a bit sad lol, but I’m going to give GB the benefit of the doubt since there’s not much info about Mayhem 2.0 yet. The little information they gave us is a bit worrisome.

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Refarming everything again in 2 days and again in april with mayhem 2.0.
I don’t know who thought this was a good idea. Hoping for some very significant changes/buffs to moze at least, otherwise I hardly see myself playing.


I can see your point, as the exclusive skins and god-drops aren’t available to the masses. Most players may not benefit from the streamers or the resources put into supporting them.

I look at it as advertisement. Companies are spending money to support streamers, as they attract followers who may purchase BL3 and additional content. I know a few streamers have moved from one game to another and they tend to bring a portion of their fan base with them.

I worked for a game company which was trying to get into the streaming games community. After a few bungled attempts, they figured out that it was cheaper and easier to pay streamers to promote their game. Not much different than any other type of endorsement. Yes, it can be seen a shady and underhanded, but that’s the world we, as consumers, created.

Streamers provide entertainment, and many have had a positive impact on their community. Gamers are no longer regulated to the basements. I remember, back in the Atari days (yes, I’m at least that old), parents said we’d never get paid to play games. Whelp, jokes on them. And I’d take game streamers over reality tv any day. To each their own.


They took Moxxtails from TPS, where were available to all players and give them to streamers. Thats very community friendly.


It’s time for a lot of people to re-evaluate their goals in Borderlands. They have repeatedly re-enforced the idea that farming constantly for a super specific gear set for a super specific build and leaving it at that is not the design premise of the game. This only becomes more true with Mayhem 2.0 having 10 levels of gear that get stronger and stronger.

I know a vast amount of people look up a build on Youtube and then focus heavily on getting the exact gear to follow that build. But if you took a different approach and just used those builds more as guidelines and just played the game normally and did whatever activity you find fun, you will get loot. Then you take that and make a build with what you have currently following those guidelines or whatever tips and tricks you learned from the Youtube videos. If you take this approach, BL becomes a lot more fun and less of a chore.

If you are already a person who likes to make your own builds, then this upcoming mayhem and the level increase is going to increase your fun exponentially. Level 57 opens up a lot of possibilities in the first place. Then as you progress through Mayhems you will end up finding things that work better with for example Mh10 weapon then it did at MH1. This is going to open the road for constant experimenting and finding new things.


How does a person avoid farming specific loot when GB is dumb enough to create items like the Spiritual Driver or Seein’ Dead?

I’d agree with your point if certain things weren’t clearly better than others. To play in the way you mention, a person has to choose to ignore what is most useful. I’d be fine with taking what I found and working with it, if the items were somewhat equal to each other. Finding Spiritual Drive or Seein’ Dead isn’t exactly a suggested guide line, it’s the entire crux of those builds. It’s the focus of all other gear you choose and skills you take.


Seein Dead is an exception and I’ve always believed it to be a broken COM that ruins Zane. A lot of people like the easy road though so it’s very popular. There are still plenty of people however that still run the more classic Zane builds and do just fine with them. Driver is another story, a large amount of people are still using Phazeserker and other class mods Driver is not the end all be all that the overpowered Seein Dead is.

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I will be finally picking up drowning in brass + some for the road + short fuse on my Moze.