4 more levels, what will you do?

Honnestly, I don’t care that much if they force us to re-farm every now and then IF they make the extra effort to make every single gun and shield viable.

Play with what the game send your way, I can run with that.

The only issue remaining that some character, by design, only work well with certain weapon.


I just took a look at all my builds and sadly the 4 new levels aren’t of any use for all my characters, I try to spend my skill points in a way that compliments my playstyle and makes it more fluid so I don’t employ any meta builds or anything like that, heck my LV. 53 FL4K isn’t even using a single capstone.

So all this does for me is upping the enemies by almost 10 levels(I’m still using all my LV. 50 gear) while not enhancing my builds in any way, all I can do is literally deck out a single skill then waste a point on one I’m not using(want) and then dropping a single point in a tier 4 or 5 skill…

So close, if they increased it to 59 or 60 that would be of much more use for me and open up quite some interesting things.

Only upside is I can now skill Remnant, I hope that skill is worth it.

This post isn’t meant as a complaint because this is on me, I just wanted to write down that the 4 new points aren’t of any use for me personally.


I mean while I get the annoyance most people are kind of stuck inside due to quarantine so maybe not so bad if you approach it with the right mentality I guess

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Mindless Consumerism?


I was never on board with the idea of using eridium to re-roll anoints, since that idea has floated around on these boards before, but using eridium to re-roll a single bonus effect on mods and artifacts would be awesome.

Probably gonna look something like this. Not really particularily competitive and I might end up moving a few points around because I don’t really need Seein’ Red.

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Moved you out of the Moze-specific thread. There doesn’t seem to be a level 57 topic for Zane right now, so here we are!

Why 3 points in Pocket Full of Grenades? The combination of Death Follows Close and and Seein Dead means 1 point in Pocket Full of Grenades gives you infinite grenades.

I might re-spec at some point, those 3 points are mostly a remnant from the time before Seein’ Dead.
I guess I might end up tossing those 2 extra points into Violent Violence then. Supersonic Man or Violent Speed would also be options but I feel like too much speed can make the character difficult to control at times.

When you are not using Seein Dead then 2 + Death Follows Close is enough to give you infinite grenades so long as you are getting kills.

It is difficult to control at first but once you’ve gotten comfortable with it it starts feeling weird when you don’t have that level of responsiveness. :grin:

The other thing about moving as fast as we are capable of is that dodging bullets gets baked into how you play. For example, depending on context, I sometimes feel more comfortable dodging projectiles that moving to cover.

i will farm for an anointed piss again, i will farm for a 50% BBB again, i will farm for 4 craps again, i will farm for a deathless again, i will farm for a good bloodletter again…

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I had it planned to be Zane-ic the Hedgehog with all that speed. Roaming the map at supersonic speed. May stop using Fl4k to be back with Zane. 4 points are enough for me to get my desired skills

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I guess I’ll do what every other player is doing, leveling up to 57 and upgrade my loadout as the drops come.
I also assume I’ll be trying to do trades for my SNTNL Cryo Maggie and Cutsmans if I don’t get them to drop for me.


great suggestion

Never said buy the dlc lol the patch and levels will be free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Farming 5% …Trading Forums 95%… yeah seems about right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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it go a lot higher then 57 as there still be 2 more dlc after this one, so yeah im playing other games myself instead of doing bl3 at moment as refarming items with right perks isn’t worth the hassle if there adding in op modes then also still got more levels to add on with dlc I just wait till all dlc is out then max and farm again when drops are probly fixed better as at moment drop rates on game are terrible.

Going to max my one Siren before playing the new DLC. Hoping for good anoints on the quest rewards.

I’ve been using a Driver build since I first picked one up, but I’m definitely excited to revisit Phasezerker using Stillness of Mind. Four extra skills means we can use Avatar and Forceful Expression, which will be MOST gentlemanly.

So the level 53 Wedding Invitations I was able to score in the last event will now become… less than optimal. Sigh.
I really wasn’t expecting the cap to stay at 53 forever, but… those were NICE snipers. Hopefully there’ll be another sniper from the new DLC that you can get at level 57 that’s just as nice (or maybe a Jakobs “Honeymoon” that’s even better :wink: )

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There will be the Skullmasher from what I’ve seen of the leaked legendaries. But I can imagine the wedding invitation will be a dlc drop. Would be silly if it wasn’t.