4 player Captain Haunt always crashes (anyone else?)

Is my potato computer not starchy enough to handle hosting a 4 player Haunt fight? 2-3 players is no problem, but 4 will freeze my game every time, without fail. I actually have to use ctrl-shift-esc to forcibly end the BL3.exe and restart.

I’ve only done 1 Heck Hole run with 4 players and as far as I could see it worked fine. <- all 4 players went to Rare chest at end.

Question: Are you joining games or hosting? Hosting is a lot more demanding.

Also I use -high -USEALLAVAILABLECORES with my AMD CPU. What CPU do you have & do you use any command line arguments ?

Hosting, never had issues doing so with the rest of the game. No command lines, but I’ll try adjusting the process priority next time.

Gotcha - about the only thing else I can think of is the particles/skulls, if all 4 or even 3 players are using a Ghast call… that could be pretty demanding.

Yeah it happens to me every fight at the exact same point, hosting, or joining. Phase two my game freezes the moment it begins. Ive gotten there about twelve times before I gave up on doing the event. Never had a problem the rest of the time playing.