4 player Co-Op Online

Has anyone played with a full party of people or been able to join a game with 3 other players?

Since release the only time I’ve had a full group is when I spam invite all the friends I had online. (Nobody plays anymore so no 4 player lobby’s for me)

Would be cool to do a super ultra laggy run of Guardian takedown where everyone misses jump and dies


BL2 i played with a friend (1 time an other friend joined in day after we went drinking together)

BL3… Never played coop and atm, the only content i haven’t finished is true guardian takedown.

It’s rare but it can happen. I play with both friends and randos and had a full group on few occasions made of both. I think more people wait for others to join them whereas I would recommend being the one joining. I made good friends this way though as Cartman said to Butters (edit: Kyle) in one of the South Park episodes - “Sometimes you have to go through a sea of dicks to find a friend”.


I have played full party quite a bit. The last time we tried was just after the crossplay patch and it was fairly frustrating to get everyone together in the lobby without crashing out.

I played a LOT of 2-3 player lobbies in BL3 and it quickly becomes a rat race to get to the next kill fast enough to keep bonuses active due to everything getting plowed.


Didn’t he say this to Kyle? :joy:

Was it Kyle? I dont see how Kyle would be gullible enough to literally look through dicks.

I remember him finding another Jewish kid :rofl:

And that kid also commented on the sausage fest :joy:

Found it! :rofl:

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You are right. Fun episode.

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Indeed, love that humour in South park :rofl:

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i have had 3 player but long time ago, i have had open lobby for days and nobody would join.