4 Player Co-Op Stream Continues

We’ll be continuing our scrubby run on Twitch.

Made it to Level 58 and one of the guys from Vicious’ original BL1 stream attempt, Dr. Deagleson, is our Mordecai.
At the time of posting I hope we can fight Craw 1.0.
Note that I’ve been playing other games a lot so I’ll be a bit rusty.

Deagleson is Mordecai
CajNatalie is Lilith
Troy is Roland
DarkKai 3 is Brick

The run is being uploaded steadily to Deagle’s channel, so sub to him to catch the old episodes.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Opdk_dnnYFzDr9iDlW31x8QR-CSquYI

I hadn’t played for a few months when we started so disregard the fact that I’d forgotten so much I even got Stomper and Pounder confused and thought Stomper was the bad one in an early episode.
So embarrassing. XD


Back-Up Bricks:

When will Deagle upload it? Also, I noticed that he deleted his BL2 footage. Did he say why he did that?

Deagle has been uploading episodes over time in bursts.
I already told you I think on the other, just pay attention to his YT and the episodes start to appear every so often.

He’s been working out how to get new hardware and software so the current break between uploads has been extra long.
Also Destiny GTAV and a bit of Saints Row on the side has kept him busy.

So basically watch the streams to get regular action. His channel’s a slow backup just to save it for the history books basically. xP

Edit: He deleted his BL2 footage because it sucked. Kappa
He has plans to replace it with a better run like the BL1 he’s in.

Moved to fan creations.

Great to see this on twitch.

Hey thanks for moving it to the right place. I wasn’t sure and I made the post in a rush when we were about to start back up after the New Year.

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Yo. The old Borderlands 2 content is still on my channel, just unlisted it because i don’t really feel like it shows how great BL2 really is as a game. I’l get it into a public playlist though for the people that want to watch it but once we get BL2 Redux going… :smile:
Also gonna whip up a few more vids on the channel but as a gamer i do tend to get carried away when good games show up so sorry for not managing to follow schedules.

(PC) Old BL2 Series YT Playlist

Thanks Deagle. It’s just that sometimes I like to watch your PoV instead of Vicious’s. You and Vicious are really the only ones I watch anymore. I subscribed to your channel just so I would know when you upload more of the BL1 Redux.

P.S. Your Saints Row 3 LP is my favorite LP.

No worries. :slight_smile:

Added the link to Deagle’s YT in the first post.

Sorry for not keeping this updated with all the changes.
We finished!

DarkKai turned out to be The Betrayer, but fortunately after hitting Level 69.
“I can do Sundays” then disappearing and going incommunicado every Sunday and by extension every other day after that.

We received assistance by substituting in two Bricks, played by Frightning_Lightning and Bacchus.
Huge thank you to our back up Bricks.

Deagle is uploading more of the playthrough again since he has a new rig, and my bandwidth means I can (and recently could) stream my POV.

In time we will probably continue in to BL2 after an intermission, but with multiple players in the 4th spot.