4 Player co-op Terramorphous turret kill (gunner COMs FTW)

So when is this going to get done? It’s been a year since Triad Thunder reccomended it and I haven’t seen any video evidence. #slackers

Yeah…you might want to forget that I ever said that. It was definitely a Pete Puma moment…

You’ve given up? This is… Shameful. A kill like that would be remembered for many years. Just gotta make sure you get Gemini, longbow and double up, and scorched earth of course. Seeing 4 Axtons with heavy gunner COMs and virtually any weapon, maybe Harold lol, would be rather amusing as well.

I do like a challenge, but even I have limits. I’ll leave that to some other brave soul.

Then do 4 Axtons with DPUHs or kerblasters and gunner COMs vs Terra lol, or any top gear item that gets grenade buffs and has a low fire rate